Sunday, 31 July 2011


The mountain rejoices as the rain drops drizzle and spray

As the grass and bushes, bow down and sway

The netted sunshine still trickles down from the forest trees

As the stormy clouds move away with the monsoon breeze

The rocks and boulders bathe and shine, with a nascent glow

As rivulets of rain water creeps over pebbles, in a steady flow

The moist earth is filled with joy, as she sings a sweet smelling odour

As the earth and water finally meet each other

 Tickled by the drizzle, the mountain blushes and squiggles

As the sky smiles and the thunder giggles

Oh! How beautiful!

How beautiful is this mountain drizzle!! 


Empty spaces or dunes of sand
The Truth is always a path less land

No creed can capture it

No thought can define it

No belief can cushion it

No mind can fathom it

It’s beyond reach and beyond comprehension

It’s beyond the limits of self perception

It’s too unlimited to be limited

Too undivided to be divided

It has more than one form; and more than one face

It is always relative; yet beyond phase space

Except for constant dependant origination

There is no permanent destination

No empty spaces; nor desert sands

For truth is always a pathless land 

Thursday, 28 July 2011


Born of the rain and cradled by the earth

Showcasing the entire sky

I am the almighty puddle

I believe, there fore I am

The master of my own destiny

I believe, there for I am

 The player of my own symphony

From the clouds I came, but to paradise I'll go

So perfect is my venerable harmony

For, everything around me is so well designed

So well designed, specially for me

The earth is carved out to fit my form

And the sand is shaped to please me with ease

The sky reflects my perfect face

As the warmth of the water ripples in the morning breeze

The sun rises for me and the moon shines for me 

Oh! How perfect is this world!

 The world designed specially for me

Wednesday, 27 July 2011


Watching and waiting and calming the mind

Living the day and leaving worries behind

Its no sad day, nor a bad day

When life is lived, one day at a time 

 Troubles vanish like bubbles

 And happiness  grows and doubles

When life is lived, one day at a time

The chains of the past don’t shackle you

And the whilrlwinds of the future don’t detour you

When life is lived one day at a time

The grass is greener; and the sky bluer

And love is all around

When life is lived, one day at a time

So live the day and leave your worries behind

Live your life, one day at a time 


Everything I see, I feel the warmth of your love

I hear you in every song; see you in ever smile

I watch you flowing as the gurgling stream

I feel you pouring as the thunderous rain

I smell you in every enchanting flower

I see you as the universe, light years afar

Oh!!  I am so overpowered by you!

The overflowing joy of your love

In everything I see; I see you 

Sunday, 24 July 2011


Hey you!! Seeker of freedom! What makes you strive?

Why does this freedom give you pride 

Is it freedom that makes you chase every need

Freedom that feeds on gluttonous greed

Is it freedom that makes you ravage in lust

Freedom to breach somebody’s trust

Is it freedom that makes you kill in violent anger 

Freedom to cheat an innocent stranger

Is it freedom that makes you grab the other's land

Freedom to enslave another man

 Is it freedom that makes you instill in any mind, hatred and divisions of every kind 

If so friendly seeker, your freedom I despise

For its nothing more but another vice

Oh listen friend; don’t you mind

True freedom is of a different kind

It arises from within and not without

It is both of action and of thought

It is the freedom arising from cognitive choice

It speaks a language and with a different voice

It is freedom to choose  right over wrong; and  compassion over anger 

Love over Lust ; and meaning over pleasure

It is freedom to choose between now and then; and now and tomorrow

Not being bogged down by anxiety or sorrow

It is the freedom to walk without being driven by desire

Freedom that makes you grow spiritually higher

It’s the freedom that makes you over come craving and attachment

 Freedom to enlighten the minds darkened compartments

It is freedom to see beyond the egocentric world

To the world of free thought and mindful action filled with love and infinite compassion

To this true freedom my friend I invite thee  ; feel the love and set yourself free

Friday, 22 July 2011


Glory to the human spirit! Glory to its brilliance!
Glory to the root of sentience! Glory to its resilience!

Like the woody dry barks that crack and break away

While the lush green bamboo stays and sways

 Thou remains flexible in difficult ways

Like the grass with a strong roots, that tides over the forest flame

And grows again greener with the coming of the passing rain

Rooted in virtue and value, thou grows back right away

Like the sky that is filled with clouds of colour, and clouds of gray

Yet holding on to none as they pass away

Thou accepts moribund reality and lets sadness go away

Like the perennial spring, that feeds the mind river

That taps into the water, while all the rest has dried away

Thou keeps Hope going, even when all reason has gone away

Thus is the driver, of the root of sentience 

Thus is the spirit of human nature 

Fighting the odds of a billion to one

Striving along in a world of all or none

Thus is the way of human resilience

Glory to the root of sentience!! Glory to its brilliance

Glory to the human spirit!! Glory to its resilience!!

Thursday, 21 July 2011


Perception and philosophy are incomplete descriptions of objective reality. Like all perceptions and ideologies, my world view too is only a partial truth. Any philosophy or perception is still a reductionist's analysis of reality and hence it reduces the complex nebulous interdependent network of variables to  simplified chunks of manageable data that can be managed by our limited minds and its cognitive systems. Hence in my view any theory or philosophy is an oversimplification of  the nature of reality. In a sense it its partially true and partially false at the same time. According to my world view the impermanence that i mention is about conventional reality as experienced through our senses. However i can no way be sure that beyond my limited world view there could be an ocean of permanence and yet, it may be beyond my perceptual abilities. Thus i can only say , and that too only conventionally, that whatever i perceive within my bubble universe(umwelt) is impermanent. Also this impermanence refers to only to a world of actualities where reality arises from the collapse of the possibilities. In conclusion my view could be summarized as that, all philosophies, including this one are over simplifications of the truth, and actual reality is too complex and beyond comprehension to be contained in human labels of permanence and impermanence

Wednesday, 20 July 2011


I am the sun and I am the star

I am a wandering soul from afar

I am the water, and I am the wine

I am the hand that makes it divine

I am the potter, and I am the clay

I am a little boy wanting to play

I am the master, and I am the slave

The blind man feeling, the elephant's tail

I am the cloud and I am the sky

I am the mind that riddles the why

I am the ocean, and I am the shore

 I am a being with no permanent soul

I am the seed and I am the tree

I am you and all that you see

I am that and I am thou

But, I am nothing at all, without infinite love

I am that and I am thou 

I am nothing not all, without boundless love 

Sunday, 17 July 2011


Two souls kneaded together by fate

Oh marriage!  Thou art a divinely state!!

From lonesome strangers to eternal soul mates

How does thou, marriage; make such a blissful state?
Listen then you man and bride

Follow this for a blissful ride

Be close enough to kiss

But not close enough to suffocate

Be far enough to move around

But don’t stray too much that you move away

Be thoughtful and listen

But think before u you speak

Discuss but don’t argue; request but don’t command

And, don’t buldoze your emotional stance

Dissolve the boundaries of your self

But tread not on the other's

Think of the feelings of the other
But think not of yourself

Have compassion and empathy

But don’t you delve in self pity

And, when times and form changes and limerence fades away

Remember the commitment and remember the love

The love that transcends form and favour

The love that transcends the self

The love that brought you together

The love that always will remain the same

For, love makes marriage a divinely state

Two souls kneaded by love

Makes marriage; oh what a blissful state!

Friday, 15 July 2011


Oh little flower, where does your beauty lie?

What makes you blush and smile to the sky!

Perfect in shape and in colour and hue

You look so pretty in the morning dew

Playing tunes of fragrance to the silent breeze

You swing and sway with graceful ease

Oh little flower, smiling to the sky

In your true beauty Love does reside

Wednesday, 13 July 2011


Oh Lord! Merciful and benevolent

What’s with thy holy name

Cause of all causes

Force of all forces

Infinite among the finite

Watcher of the unwatchable

Doer of the yet undone 

Why does thou need a holy name?  

Does the name distort thee

Does the name restrain thee

Does the name create violence in vain

Oh creator of the created

Blesser of the blessed

Help us get over the name

Oh master of the masters

Yet lover of all souls

Help us get over the name

Sunday, 10 July 2011


Hey you wise man, what makes you loathe?
Don’t you wear that cynical coat

Knowledge and experience may have made you wise

Yet, you only see man’s every vice

Hatred, and bitterness; and empty feeling

Lust and, violence; and lack of meaning

Is that all you see?

The cynical cyanide that poisons every truth

Fills the flower and sinks to the root

Blinds your eye to love and compassion

Makes you live in hedonic passion

Comfortably numb to others suffering and pain

Driven only for one's own personal gain

Never to trust and ready to cheat

Filled with cunningness and bottom less greed

Is that all in man you see?

Open your heart and open you mind

See the world of now; leave the past behind 

Cling and climb with trust and hope

Man's one and only life saving rope

Open your mind to ideological flexibility

Cultivating compassion and genuine humility

Its trust and hope, and self realization

That can cure our life of this cynical civilization

Hence shed your pompous coat of egocentric cynicism 

And fill your self with compassionate altruism

Its compassion to man’s every vice

Is what truly makes one wise

So open you heart and open your mind

Get filled with love and become truly wise

Wednesday, 6 July 2011


The same old stream in Singirikovil
It’s the same old stream in a relative way

Yet all the old water has flown away

Wasn’t it here just the other day

That you and I did often play

Wasn’t it here just the other day

We pledged our love, come what may

Yet death came and took you away

Leaving me to a lonesome stay

Wasn’t it here the very next day

Your ashes I did cast away

Yet here I am by the stream today

Watching water and memories flow this way

Ashes scattered in turbid water

From a loving mind to particles of matter

Your life has just flown away

Yet our love, forever it shall stay

Through my verses come and play

Though all the old water has flown away

Our love forever is here to stay

Forever and ever our love shall stay

Tuesday, 5 July 2011


Oh mighty ship of the mind; where has your rudder gone

Beautiful sails swaying with the breeze; where has you rudder gone

No compass to guide you; No stars to chart the way

Look what the wind has done

The currents drive you and the winds steer you

Why is your rudder undone?

Beware of the winds of desire

As they lead you to imaginary shores

Beware of the currents of delusion

 As they drown you with lust and curves

Beware of the blizzard of Anger

As it shreds into your sails

Beware of the winds of hatred

As it burns your deck and rails

Oh mighty ship of the mind where do you set sail

While sailing be thou mindful; lest your voyage fail

How long can you be rudderless and sail with out a goal

For sailing such is pointless; oh lost and empty soul

So build your rudder of mindfulness; oh mighty ship of the mind

Sail with loving kindness and become the awakened mind

Sunday, 3 July 2011


Am I not the doer, am I not that’s done

Am I just a viewer, as all the rest is done

If all phenomena have causes

And nothing else has none

Who makes all the choices?

Since it’s already been done

As the self is tied by causes

Its freedom is none

As causal chains and forces

Act, the agency is none

Since the self is a bundle of causes

Its essence is none

Since existence is conventional

The All is just one

So, I am not the doer, I am not that’s done

 I am just a viewer, as all the rest is done


Open your eyes to the love around you
Loose yourself and become free

Listen to the song, the grass sings to the breeze

Feel the kiss, the dew gives to the leaves

Listen to the trees stretching out to the morning sun

See the shadow that dances as the little bees hum

Feel the earth get tickled by the marching ants

See the pious birds do their morning chants

Listen to the rivers cry as they seek the ocean

Feel the colors of the sunset  placid with emotion

Open your eyes to the love around you

Open your eyes to become nature

Open your eyes to the love around you

Open your eyes and become free 

Friday, 1 July 2011


Take me to the centre of sentience; Take me to the source of the source

Take me to the universe within; take me, oh take me home!

Where possibilities don’t collapse to actualities

Where universals do not degenerate to particulars

Where life and the lifeless are not treated the same

Where the creator and the created have no pompous name

Where there is freedom yet order; virtue yet no fame

Where there is passion but no attachment; love but no separation

Where there is justice without manipulation, and peace without stagnation

 Where there is Perception without deception, and action without self interest

 Where there is Wisdom without pride and Cooperation without greed

Where the boundary between self and the selfless has blown away

Where thought and memory have been caste away

Take me to this land of the unspeakable

Take me to this universe within

Oh take me, oh take me; take me to my eternal home!