Sunday, 7 August 2011


My  soul is finally drenched in this everlasting  shower of love!

The shower that  falls from infinity,  into my  dry, empty soul 

In this shower ; let my ego drown

And let my pride evaporate  by the warmth of  your brilliant effervescence

Let my existence be transformed from the evanescent droplets of self importance  to the wandering cloud of compassion 

Let your currents draw me and guide me as I float in this euphoric unity

And in your mercy; let me shower upon the earth the wisdom of droplets gathered from the heavens above

As I fall to the earth reaching out with love and compassion

Let me loose my self and fill the sands of suffering and sorrow 

Let me drench the earth with  this everlasting love  

Let me be the everlasting shower of Love!  

1 comment:

  1. Hey Prabha, Have been really busy recently, but have been enjoying your poems as always. Your output is amazing! Keep it up and look forward to seeing them in print soon! God Bless!