Wednesday, 25 January 2012


Does the bud ever know,  it is the flower that blossoms!

Does the stream ever know, it’s the vast and mighty sea!

Does the cloud ever know,  it's the tumbling drops of  falling rain!

Does the seed ever know,  it’s the  vibrant  forest!

Oh master of my sentience! Watcher of the yet undone!

How can this empty soul of mine; ever know you !


Oh, beloved love of mine; look at me!

I’m still so lost, in the beauty of your intoxicating eyes!

Look at me again; and save my sinking soul

Let me feel the embracing warmth of your everlasting love again

You looked at me once, and captured my heart long time ago

 But now, how long can I wander aimlessly without you?

My love, Come back and see the miserable mess that’s me

Oh love of my life!

When will you come back to take me? 

Friday, 20 January 2012


My breath has ceased and my tireless heart has skipped its eternal beat

My earthly job is done, and my empty soul is finally free

Where do I go from here now?

From nothingness I came and in emptiness I was

Into the stream of nothingness, will I not flow?

With Ideas of self identity, and thoughts of eternity

Will they not melt away with the rotting flesh?

As form and feature can no longer cling in impunity

As the mind and matter, merge to their final unity

Tell me dear life; where do I go from here now? 

Wednesday, 18 January 2012


On a day the mind is calm and clear; as calm and clear as the pristine summer skies

The glowing  sunshine of happiness said to me; Come join me for eternity

The receding clouds of sadness said to me; I must let you go

The calm ocean of compassion said to me: I am there with you

The limitless universe of love said to me.; I am nothing but you

But yet the deluded mirage of my ego pleads to me; don’t ever let me go

Tell me dear soul; what should I do? 

Friday, 13 January 2012


Oh rusty nail on the cross; the one that bore his heavenly weight

Did you ever know what you have done?

Did you ever wonder why it was you?

You were mined and smelted, and molded for him

Yet when the day came, there was none closer to his flesh than you!

Did you not still, cling to the worldly wood of the cross; as he writhed in pain!

Did you not still, rip his loving wrist, as he bled and prayed for the world in vain!

Yet he forgave you, as he forgave the rest of the world

And when he has transcended from this worldly cross to the heavens above

Stained in his holy blood; why do you still rust away!! 

Sunday, 8 January 2012


Flames raging in the wanton heart 

But that is only, just the  start 

A pounding chest and  an exploding brain

Blown out  marrow, pulsating  in every vein 

Molten madness drowning the mind 

Sword-ed words unsheathe, as the teeth  grind 

Glaring eyes ;  killing more than  silence 

As actions feed the whirlwind of violence 

Oh how miserable is existence!

In this living hell of Anger !

Wednesday, 4 January 2012


Oh beauty riding the arrow of time 

Is  all your vanity,  worth more than a dime ? 

You smile so sneeringly today 

 But who will you  sneer  at,  on that very day 

The arrow strikes its darkest target 

The unmissable target, of decay and death 

Of  sickness , misery and ill health 

Doesn't all this beauty,  just whiter away ? 

Luck may save you,  but not forever 

You can't even evade it,  by being clever 

Wrinkles and freckles will still greet your face 

As the arrow proceeds in its unheeded pace 

Isn't all  beauty but skin deep 

When maggots feast on the rest 

Oh beauty riding the arrow of time 

Forget not of your destination!

Tuesday, 3 January 2012


As you awaken today  

The music of life is still playing 

Every breathe you breathe,  is but a gift

A gift of life and consciousness 

As you gently; gently open your eyes 

See the world; the world full of  resplendent beauty

Feel the everlasting love; as it sustains the evanescent world 

Taste the nectar of life; as it blossoms all around you

As you awaken today 

Be grateful ; grateful for the gift of life!

Sunday, 1 January 2012


A new day! A new beginning! 

A new life, and  new hope 

A life, filled with the wonder of you!

Oh! The wonder of you!! 

In the loving warmth of the soothing sunshine 

In the fragrance of the blossoms in the breeze 

In the heavenly taste of nectar to the bees 

In the tender touch of dew drops on the leaves

In the enchanting tunes of the windy waves on the seas

In the comforting clouds of love embracing the winter sky  

A new day! A new beginning! A new life! 

Oh!  The wonder of  you!