Sunday, 15 April 2012


Thinking of you, all my nights remains sleepless

As the radiance of your smile leaves me grappling for breath

Your piercing look lingers in my heart

As your embracing arms soothe my soul

The sweetness of your voice leaves me speechless

As your lips speak soft words of magic

Oh my loving sweet heart! When will you come home tonight?

Saturday, 14 April 2012


The burning question of the evening creeps in with the falling dusk

 As the darkness of the nascent night brings in its confusion

The missing moon and stars are lost in a clouded haze

As my frozen mind is fixed in a thought less gaze

An answer is all I need; an answer is all I seek

In this silent wilderness of this lonely night

I sit alone and wonder

What does the dawn of tomorrow have in store for me?

Friday, 13 April 2012


Those stormy eyes tear into the depths of my soul!

As your enchanting look stirs a mutiny in my heart  

In the silence of the moment, with speechless lips

I am awakened to your divine love!

 As the floods of passion break the bunds of understanding

And the fountain of love overflows as your smile

I am so lost in you!

Oh love of my life! Fill my world with your fragrance! 

Thursday, 12 April 2012


Oh rising sun of the Easter morn

Did you know, on this very day?

The son of man has risen before you!

For your sins and mine, he was nailed

But he blesseth us with resurrection

For your vices and ill will, he bore the cross

Yet he cleaneth our souls with love

No earthly tomb could seal his heavenly fate

As he rose from the very dead!

On this very day! Before the rising of the morning sun

The son of man has risen before you!

The son of man has risen,  to set your sinful soul free! 


Distant echoes of the  voice of death

Resonate in the confines of my obtunded ears

The echoes of those pains and moans

Spread sudden coldness, to the warm April air

The memories of the this very day

Still echoes!

Still Echoes, in the emptiness of my soul!

Yet this voice within me; still drags on!  

Thursday, 5 April 2012


The same voices that sung hosanna, mobbed up for his crucifixion!

The same hands that waved the palms, nailed him to the dreadful cross!

The same eyes wept, as he took his last breath!

 And the same hearts rejoiced on his resurrection!

The same hands still sin every day!

As the same hearts prays to him, for forgiveness!

Oh Lamb of God, bless me on this Holy Friday!           

Cleanse my divided soul with the wisdom of your love!

Dissolve my hypocritical existence!

Overwhelm my pointless ego, with your divine spirit

Oh savior of the soul! Light of the world!

Fill me with your everlasting Love !

Tuesday, 3 April 2012


The stillness of the roaring waves reach out to my wandering soul !

As I enter the soothing shores of  the sea of Ecstasy!

Where love fills my heart , and  music plays in everything!

In this sea of eternal ecstasy , intoxicated by love , I  helplessly drown!

As my joyful heart still floats with this divine feeling!

My  love filled soul expands to fill the entire ocean! 

Overwhelmed by love and ecstasy,  as  I lose my self to the loving tides  

My evanescent self dissolves into the sea of  ever-eternal Love !

Oh! How wonderful is this feeling! 

Oh! How wonderful is this everlasting sea of ecstasy!  


Moonlight shines and my heart glows!

As you silently smile in the depths of your evanescent sleep!

I sit here beside you, and watch your seraphic smile!

Oh love of my life! Tell me I’m not dreaming!

They all gather around you! And tell me in my ear!

She is not breathing! Oh I am not breathing!

She is not moving! Oh I am not moving!

Her heart’s not beating! Oh my heart’s not beating!

She is already dead! Oh my god!  I am really dead!

Unlike her, still stuck to breath in this coffin of life, I dream on!

Oh love of my life!  Wake me up from this dreadful dream!

Wake me up to the morning of your smile!

Wake me up, just to watch you smile again! 

Monday, 2 April 2012


Hosanna! The joyful palm leaves greet and sway!

For the Prince of peace hath come!

Hosanna! Hosanna in the highest!

For, blessed be he, that cometh in the name of the lord!

Blessed be he, who hath entered Jerusalem!

So sing with musical hearts of glory!

As you carry the green banners of triumph!

With peace he hath brought us victory

And with Love, he hath conquered it all!

Hosanna in the highest!  As he entereth the gates Jerusalem!

Hosanna in the highest! As he finally entereth my soul! 


Ashes in air of the distant smoke!

Gone with the wind, both life and hope!

Flowing time and consciousness

In waves of suffering and happiness!

Lost to the mercy of the rolling dice

Ladders of love, and serpents of vice!

A journey filled with paradoxes!

Life, death and meaning!

Ashes in air of the distant smoke!

In the silence of death where is hope?