Sunday, 11 November 2012


Oh Lord! Benevolent and merciful!

Maker of the thinker and his thought!

In thy boundless mercy; I surrender myself!

As the world of thy making stands still

And the sunshine spreads between the trees

My sentience is filled with thy magnificence!

All my pointless worries and fears!

All my pride; and all my anger!

Vanish as evanescent mist in thy brilliance!

Oh Lord!  I humbly surrender to thee; all that I call myself!

For, in thee, I have lost my miseries!

In thee, I have become one!

In thee, I have tasted the sweetness of eternal bliss!

Oh lord! Savior of my unworthy soul!

I humbly surrender myself to thee!


The winter morning is cold

My hands are weeping numb

No sunshine to warm

No gloves to protect

As the frost bites into my frozen heart! 


Sitting blindfolded on the other side of the stone wall!

Can you see me walking beneath the moonlight?

Can you see the secrets hidden in my heart!

Yet; beyond opaque walls; you claim to see with clarity!

Speculation and conjecture! Illusion and delusion! 

Fanciful intentions and controversial deeds! You claim you see me do!

But tell me dear friend! Why must there be all this chaffer!

Can mere speculation reveal the face of truth?

Can mere conjecture, lead you to another man’s heart!

While blindfolded from reality; living in an ivory tower of your pointless ego!

What else will be left for you; but loneliness!

When love breaks the wall; and compassion reveals its inner soul

You too will see the garden of wisdom!

You too will walk in the blissful moonlight! 

Till then friend! Be mindful of your causerie!

Sunday, 4 November 2012


The aroma of freshly baked cake fills the evening air

The crispy smell of caramel as it forms the crust!

The rising dough! The mystical flavors!

The softness! The sweetness!

The tantalizing taste!

Oh! How dainty is my cake!

How dainty is the cake of my very own making!

As the softness melts in my mouth and the ecstasy overflows

As the wonderful taste seeps in; and invokes a feeling of pride

I pause a moment, and gently wonder

Did I strive in the vast fields of wheat, where once mighty forests stood?

Did I pollinate the vanilla flowers; and harvest its sapid pods

Did I churn the creamy butter, from the deprived milk of some miserable calf?

Did I lay the eggs, of those unborn chicks that ended up in the bowl?

Did I make the motherly oven!  Did I mastermind the canonical recipe?

Yet, having done none of these; I proudly call it my cake!

What of mine did I bake; to take all this credit?

Except for time and intention, what more did I contribute?

 Now as the exalted taste of cake merges with my new found insight

Humility is born and pride melts away; as I finally see , the whole universe, hidden within this cake!


I am your leader, the big black one says

Armored with knowledge and wisdom

I have mastered the ultimate skill, and mentored all you weaker ones

And I am still in command !

I am the one, solely capable of steering!

So this committee is nothing without me!

Listen to me you fools; and keep going straight!

Why must we fall into your treacherous trap again; says the red one!

You are too selfish and narrow minded, to lead us!

While your myopic vision cannot see beyond the shadow of the chin

My vision extends to even where your dreams cannot reach

Unlike you, I am a creature who practises what I preach

So senile friend, there are no takers for the follies you teach

The path ahead to me is crystal clear

A turn to the left here, and a right down the corner

The future my way is a lot more greener!

But, captain failure!  Look where your wretched egoism has lead

You kept going when we pleaded you to stop

And now the oasis of opportunity has gone away

You did not heed to the needs, and climbed up he wrong dunes

And here we are now stranded, and lost under the hot desert sun!

It’s high time now for you to step down, and let me save all of us!

So forth, the two ants of the steering committee argue!

Sitting on top of the hairy hump of an dromedary camel, as they discuss, plan and think they control

As the oblivious camel strolls across the vast desert on its way home!