Monday, 28 January 2013


In the winding  streets of uncertainty

 I wander  aimlessly in search of familiarity

Whichever  shop I  hesitantly enter 

There are but  strangers

Strangers selling  strangest of objects 

Penniless and empty! 

As I rush out embarrassed with myself 

The mind in me wonders  

Is that  really what I wanted ?

Once the rosy flush of novelty fades away ! 

What will I do with all the  strangeness 

 Penniless As I am; what will I offer in return ? 

How will I ever come to know !

If my lonesome heart keeps running away !

In life's embroiling, ever changing bazaar 

How long can i keep bargaining  with my soul ? 

Wednesday, 23 January 2013


Rushing Sunset

Don’t rush away from the silent sunset

Don’t rush away to your petty life

The embracing mountains on the horizon

The crimson beauty on the verge

The motley bed of bedazzling clouds

Is not beautiful and appealing!

Does it not bring you peace!

Don’t worry about the dusk around the corner

Don’t worry about the shadow of   darkness waiting

Don’t Rush away forever; for your hasty night may never end  

So listen up busy friend! The mind says!

Stop by and feel the serenity of the silent sunset

For this could be your last one!


Having lost in this wily game of dice

Lost again to my mindless vice

All that I once gained in good fortune

Has now vanished away as melting ice

If I did not gamble with the fire of anger  

If I did not chase the unworthy prize

Would have all this darkness still arise

Tell me dear friend

In a rigged up game of pleasant guise

Is life really worth restraining demise? 

Tuesday, 22 January 2013


Flying on a carpet of ideas

To the enchanted land of the possible

Across the clouds of imagination

Riding the winds of enthusiasm

Come fly away; fly away to the land of the possible

Flying on a carpet of ideas

Woven by innovation, on threads of passion

Breaking away chains of convention

And defying theories of gravity

Come fly away; fly away to the land of freedom

As the time is good, and the weather is merry

Sit back and tighten, the sane seat-belts of reality; and come fly away

Come fly away on the enthralling carpet of ideas

Saturday, 19 January 2013


In the impatient sea of the turbulent mind

The drifting dragnets of thought wander

No fisherman to tug; no weights to guide

Lost in their own entanglement

What fishes of happiness can they guddle? 


In the fertile fields of the roving mind

Cultivating the delicate crop of feelings

The sun of opportunity may shine on you

And the rain of fortune may bless you

But if you don’t know your saplings well

When the time of harvest comes

 Is it not too late to discover

That the only crop you’ll get to reap

Are weeds of anger and hatred and ill will!  


The crescent moon is at the highest

The minarets of faith stand tall

In the earth beneath and the sky above

The musical words of the adhan resonate

Love peace and unity; fill one and all

As towards kibla, I humbly bow

All in the name of the most benevolent and merciful! 

Thursday, 17 January 2013


Otiose Drive

The headlamp flickers; useless in the fog of confusion

 Cold and numb; the hands cling to the hopeful wheel

As the Engine rumbles and grumbles

 Scuttling across the mountain way of existence

In this otiose journey of life

My worn out tyres tread !


A phenomenon of paradox

Neither here nor there

Until seen otherwise

Neither dead nor alive

Wave or particle

How does your sound go?

When all I hear is your soft meow 

Tuesday, 15 January 2013


Adding greenery to familiarity

In the coldness of the pond near by

Croaking aloud, croaking in the dark!

Oh insatiable, prurient frog!

Every ripple, speaks of your presence!

Every leaf, resonates of your desire!

As you violently spoil the sentient silence

What fires in your proto-reptilian mind?

As you croak away, to the urge for culmination

Croaking away  hoping for final fulfillment

Oh little frog, lost in your blinded pursuit

Did you not realize its loud consequence?

Did the confined space of your amphibian intellect

Not reveal the slithering approach of the fangs of death

Did you not know, that it’s your croaking?

Oh prurient frog! Who can save you now from your serpentine end!

Saturday, 12 January 2013


Midst the loneliness of the forest, a fatal fire rages

As the mountains and valleys are engulfed in  smoke

A grazing herd of thoughts

Caught between a flowing river and the ravishing flames

Sit still as they chew their cud !


The music of the heavens sings out as moonlight

As the clouds dance to the tunes of the breeze

The tress sway and the birds chirp

For today is the day; the day your Love set me free

Overwhelmed and lost in the eternal bliss of your Love

The remnants of the person in me is enthralled

And the joy filled heart in me overflows

As thoughts freeze and time stands still

In the vastness of the moonlit sky of Your Love

Oh! Let me vanish in peace! 


In this fading dream of life

Sleepless I wander

Knowing very well

He who clings to the mind

Will only rot faster!

Thursday, 10 January 2013


Another warm and sunny day

Another one, as I’m still alive

Breathing in an out; breath after breath

Happy to be alive; happy to realize

That against all odds; I still survive

With wings of enthusiasm

And flames of passion

The miracle of sentience

And the bliss of perception

Sooner or later; as all is yet to pass

I sit here and breathe in silence!

Sunday, 6 January 2013


The eager hangman waits his turn, to pull the fateful lever!

The crowds gather around, in feverish cheer!

The guilty are paraded; naked and neutered except for their noose

The nation watches and sneers as the board beneath creaks!

As the heads of these perverts are finally hanged in shame

The legs and all, tremble and thrash around

As the six men finally hang there, limp and lifeless!

But tell me dear friend is this the end?

Six rotten apples in a failing orchard

Getting rid of them, will it save the crop?

Six black threads in a mis-woven yarn

Can plucking them, correct the fabric of society?

Looking outward, outside the window it’s easy to spot extremes! 

But who else but you, can see the rotting within?  

Blame as a game is easy; and hatred can seemingly give you a clean coat

 With Disgust you can distance yourself, and with anger let loose,

You can even bring the city down!

But this way friend, who are you fooling?

You gather as crowds, motivated by fear

But when it comes to vote, will you all still stand up?

You condemn inequality, while you flaunt your wealth

You condemn violence, while you go about your business with arrogant aggression

You condemn rape, while you blatantly pursue your lust

You claim equality for women; but you bulldoze your way with chauvinism

 Yet you condemn society; while you still live as you please

Tell me dear friend; Are you truly different from those six men?

If you can see the hurt and deprivation behind the vandals of violence

The terror within the anger; the hopelessness within   carelessness

 If you can see the desperation within selfishness; and the oppression behind aggression

You too can see the city burning! You too can see the world with Love!

Now that your heart is filled with love and compassion!

 Tell me dear friend!  Can you can see the six dried up trees in a drought hit forest

Can you see that all the trees drying! Can you feel the dry earth beneath your ground?

Tell me dear friend! What else can we do but pray for the shower of Love!