Sunday, 23 June 2013


In the stillness of the silent waters

Someone drops a pebble

Neither in the water; nor in the pebble

Yet, here I am, rippling in bliss!

Existing now, and so sooner, never more!  

Transient yet real; caused now to cease later

Euphoric awareness, ready to vanish forever

Sparkling here and now, in this rippling bliss!


Gathered around the wreathed up coffin

Crouching wearily with aching hearts

What is it friend, you are crying for?

With life’s ups and downs; and a sudden abrupt end

Hasn’t all suffering too, finally ended!

A long tiresome capricious journey

Having finally ended with peace !

Yet, why is it friend, you still lament

Is it the despair of abandonment?

Is it the pain of separation from attachment?

Is it the hopelessness of an un-imaginable future?

Is it for the departed or the un-departed self ; you shed your heavy tears

Weeping and loathing; in self-pity; self doubt and self insecurity

Aren’t they all centred around the illusion of “self”?

In the concept of life and death; there is no permanent label

No label of self, life, or consciousness

As all things ebb and flow; so will your beloved!

And sooner or later you too will!

For in the flux of vanishing phenomena!

Blessed is every moment!  Blessed is every moment of life!

Blessed is every breath, including your very last! 

So listen, dear friend! Rejoice and wipe your pointless tears

Rejoice for the life of your Beloved

Rejoice for the moments you lived and loved

Rejoice too, for the final resting peace!

Sunday, 2 June 2013


Slowly and tardily; I’m learning

Learning to finally let go!

Bound to the wheel of transient phenomena

Spinning unconsciously in the web of life

Is it not natural to be carried away?

In the warm comfort of a good life

The pleasant pride of possession  

The anger of unmet expectation

And the pain of sudden dissipation

Can anyone be blamed for this piquant attachment?

But slowly; the murky water clears

And slowly, the transcendent truth appears

All things are dependent; and all things change

Clinging to a selected few; is the only root of pain

Difficult it may be, to accept and fathom; but yet wholly true

There is no real I, sitting behind my viewing eyes

There is no lingering me; nor a persistent mine

Oh! striving mind! Once you see this as the transcendent truth

The conceptual wall of self, crumbles; the mirage of self- made pain ends

And the fountain of love and compassion, overflows and transcends

Slowly and tardily; I now understand this truth

Slowly and tardily I fill my pot with this eternal love

Slowly I aim for the boundless compassion

Slowly may I even yearn for this ultimate bliss!   


Pellucid rains drop finally falling!

Merciful monsoon clouds

Finally blessing the barren fields!  

Life resurrecting from an arid death!  

Now, wet and green; sprouting and crawling!  

As life renews it promise to the earth, this monsoon

How lucky am I to live on!  


Scattered petals, suspended in midair  

 Listless eyes; masking smiles

As thoughts rummage through the darkened attic

Noisy memories lurk in the alleys of the past     

As Paleness spreads from a fading passion

Oh! How much I yearn for an un-beating heart!


Floating or flying not lucid to say

Dreams and illusions interplay

Crystal blue and ever clear skies

Placid hue of oceanic turquoise

Somewhere between; a beclouded existence?

Intangible; without form or feeling

Headless thoughts endlessly reeling

Conscious remnants still floating

Floating in the dream of Eternal bliss!


The euphoria of existence!

 No feeler to feel; no done or doer!

The emptiness within, capturing the gentle breeze!

The swirl, the twirl, the letting go !

The rise, the lift, and the recurring fall !

Meandering, wandering and surrendering!  

A mere plastic bag on the loose!

Dancing humbly, to the tune of the musical breeze!  

Oh! How blissful is this beauty!

How blissful is this beauty of enlightenment!