Friday, 13 September 2013


Another Victory flag on the mast of life! 

Pointlessly waving by the ocean of changes

Still craving and clinging, to the deck of foolish conceit

My empty hull still ,pitches and rolls! 


Clear blue skies

Happy clouds floating by

Once upon a time!

Just You and I!

Years and clouds; have come and gone! 
The Sky is vast; still clear and blue

But you are not here by my side! 

All alone now, by the shifting sand 

Left to the tune of the wind and waves

My stale breath struggles on; waiting to be let go!


Standing tall in the frosty corner

yellow and gleaming in the morning fog

Not noticed; not worried about

Yet lighting up; for its own part

The lonesome street light glows 


Curly dark clouds embrace the southern sky

As the rain drops kiss the moistened earth

Rippling smiles spread across the newly formed puddles

As the perfumed earth fills the air with fragrance

The trees sway to the tune of the moist wind

And the dust settles and the dirt is washed away

The glossy leaves attain green enlightenment

In this rejuvenating shower of paradisiacal bliss  

My besprent heart silently blossoms!


Lifeless as a rock

Still is the bliss

Without thought or feeling

Form or formation

Without consciousness or contemplation

Existence or non-existence

All, none and only!

I am; I is; lifeless! In bliss!

Rock and non rock! 


Deducer deducing !

Lost in silence ! 

Flames of delusion

Smoking confusion

Watered down in silence

Deducer deduced! 

The Rest is silence ! 


Rushing towards another day

Oh Lord! Benevolent and merciful!

Make me realize this dream!

Scurrying through the busy corridors of life

 Let me not trample, on someone else’s!

While being caught up in tending to my own wounds of worry

Let me also feel, the pain of those in endless suffering

And let me act, with patience, love and compassion

Ascending up the ladder of your magnificent grace

Let me be free, of the tainted stains of self-conceit

Making decisions, opinions and conclusions, in daily life

Let me tolerate, differing points of views

Irrespective of the caste, creed or community; action or capability

Let me respect everyone equally

Acquiring, executing   and distributing; in the roles I play today

Let me be free, of greed, pride and prejudice

And in all actions I intend, choose or do

Let me uphold the hands of justice  

Walking this lonesome path of green pastures

Let me break free from the chains of passion and delusion!

Oh Lord! Benevolent and merciful!

As I rush through another day of my evanescent life

Make my dream; my ultimate reality!


The sky has no path

The ocean has no destination

Spring comes and goes

Grass grows and withers

Formless is my original face

As a smile blossoms on it