Monday, 21 October 2013


Entity to eternity!

The cycle of life and death!

Knitted thoughts lost in meaning

An identity seeking significance!

Rootless, and seedless; the fruit of understanding

Confabulating, a primal essence!

Eternity caged; Infinity bottled up

In this composite cloud of phenomena

Oh! How illusionary, is this flame-less
smoke of entity!


Wanting; craving!

Moaning in wanton in hunger!

Skull splitting! Brain splattering !

Pickled up in the brine of passion

A life lost to conceit and desire!

Oh roaring mind! Is there really hope? 

Sunday, 20 October 2013


The earth stretches her arms  

The bluish sky bows low

Molten and slow

Consciousness over flows

Matter and mind melt and  merge

Words crumble; form evaporates

 Position, place and person finally vanish

Silence and bliss!

Is all that remains; as the crimson disc slips!

Oh! How blissful is this moment!

This Moment of tranquil sunset !


Bedridden by the roadside

Wounds dripping, sores rotting

 Unnoticed! Ignored!

Even by the compassionate passerby!

Less restricting than this weary life

The silent comfort of a coffin!

Oh! My aching soul craves!


Eyes meeting by Brownian chance

A smile! A sneer!

You greet me!

Yet dear friend

Will you ever know me?

My look, my words

The color of my skin

My class; my company

My wealth; my wisdom

All of these, are but mere a camouflage!

If you can see the world with my eyes

Feel it, with my consciousness

Live with me, this ephemeral experience of so called life

Even then, dear friend

Will you ever know me!

Down the street! Eyes meeting in a judging glance

You may smile! You may sneer

But Oh! Blessed friend!

Will you ever know me! 


A crack too early; to the egg of my life!

Wings and feet; heart and mind!

All to be scrambled up!

Even before my formation!  

A chick unborn! Now ready for the pan!   

As my yolk and life both flow out!

Yellow and white is my un-hatched demise!  


The harvested  crop of love has been finally carted away

My once green field, is now left bleak and barren

Fed by the unforeseen showers of rain

Weeds of desire, hatred and anger

Now stand invincibly overgrown

Lost in the glory of the harvests of the past

Sitting benumbed;   while the field lies unattended

No tilling, no weeding, no seeding

Yet, still hoping for the finest crop

Oh, relentless thought farmer

How long will you sit idle in this fallowed delusion?


A new star in the endless sky!

A new beginning!

A new start!

A new face !  A New life!

Happy is the lonesome heart!

Only if it can forget the past!