Wednesday, 31 December 2014


The full moon of wisdom rises

The lotus  of love blossoms

Lost in the gentle ripples

The mind resides in peace!  


The weary clouds move away

The sky is blue and  clear

Love is here!

And life is now!

Everything is finally perfect

A mere reflection on the morning dew

I glow in evanescent bliss ! 


Enthroned between two worlds

The world of past and the world future

One of  which no longer exists!

And the other, which  is yet to come

Caught in the cycle of endless suffering!  

Affirming and denying!

Seeking and forsaking!

Encased by illusion!

 Enslaved by mortal fear!  

Grasping for identity;  clinging for security!

Easy to be hurt;  and eager to be gratified!

The ever elusive! The ever deceptive!  

The one and only! The Only vice !

Oh mighty Ego!

When will “I”  let you go ?


The sky is bright and clear

The morning is fresh  

Rising over the green mountains

The sun of happiness glows!  


The breeze is strong!

The night is endless!

My once now tall stature

Has all now melted away

With mere remains of a dying wick

Flickering in uncertainty

Hoping to see the light dawn

My flame linger on ! 


Thunder roars

Rain clouds gather

The wind is violent

The sky is gloomy

Darkness slowly creeps in

And you my dear,  are still not back!

Oh my Love!

When will you return ? 


Sweet little Mercy 

Sat by her dream

In a solitary place, under a solitary tree

Bemoaning  the hardness of  her little Heart

Stacking herself away from the ruthless world

The ruthless world where, some laugh; some scorn

Some just walk away ! 

Just then; above the dark shadows of her sorrow

There came brightness!

A brightness of a thousand suns filled with joy!

presence of divine  beauty!  

A Beauty beyond the realm of  words!

With blemish-less wings,  reaching towards her

The One, descended to her side 

“Peace be to thee” Said He!

Wiping her tears, and soothing her heart

Cladding her in silver and gold

Putting a chain about her neck

 And ear-rings in her ears

 He placed the beautiful golden crown upon her humble head

And holding her, hand in hand, he led her

He led her, all the way to the Golden gate!

He too then knocked, and then He went in!

And Mercy followed too!

Followed him all the way through the golden gate!

To the place of ultimate glory; the throne of gold!

The Throne of gold, upon which the One sat!

And then, the One said to her

 “Welcome Daughter!.”  

And as he embraced her!

Brightness and joy! Glory and Love!

All within her heart and all around

Filled and overflowed!

And all of these, and all of her

All became One!

In this place of bliss and glory!

Among the stars and suns

Happiness and Love

Angels and saints

She saw clearly! And surely so!

The once striving pilgrim too!

A moment passed!

A moment lost in quizzical thought

And in another!   She laughed!

Laughed out loud!

And alas!  Her dream shattered!

 And alas! She was awake!

Awakened back into the solitary place of conditional existence

Awakened back into the hands of this ruthless world!

Tell me dear Mercy!

From this dream of heavenly bliss and glory

If only had you not laughed it away

Would you have still awakened back to this ruthless world?

Saturday, 29 November 2014


Reflecting on the cold pond

Ripples wriggle

The fish swim below

Deep within the still mind

The  pale November moon ! 


Blue skies above

The flowing stream below! 

Beside me!

The grass is green!

Deep within

Thoughts wander aimlessly!

Peaceful in bliss

I just let them be!  


I have  wandered  high and low 

Seeking the truth

I have read  all the scriptures

And listened to sermons

But until today, I was only  lost in strife !

But something has changed within now

Something new has blossomed

 Shedding my coat of self-conceit

My eyes have  finally opened

Finally I have realized

I am, only  Love !

I  no longer get  carried away by greed

Get lured by  lust, or get caught up in hatred

For,  I am only Love !

I can now feel, the pain in every soul

I can now  feel, all the pointless suffering

And yes!

I  can feel   all your  sorrows too!

I can feel your righteous  anger  

In love!  

All of  these  will be washed  away !

You may  judge me for all my wrong doings

My different world views

For my differing preferences

Yet,  Love is all inclusive!  

And  I  am only Love!

We  have treated each other  badly

We have hurt each other deeply

We have killed a million lives

But Love conquers all vices

Love will forgive  us!

As Love forgives one and all 

Come dear friend !

Let  us  become Love ! 


Morning is here

And You are here in my arms

How lucky Am I !

Your warm breath

your  sweet smile

Lost in your loving embrace

Tell me my dear

Must  we really  wake up ? 


Autumn  is here

Fallen leaves lie scattered

Another season passes

The mind still toils

As the  coldness of the mountain  embraces me

Only  change remains ! 

Friday, 31 October 2014


This world of colors is only a flashing dream

And all that I sense and see

Are merely shadows

And all that I seek and crave

Are only a mirage

In this transient life of evanescence

Lost in the delusion of self

Who is this fool who accumulates? 


Caged within, by expectation

Torn apart by duality

Is not suffering inevitable!

The heretic says!

The whole world is an idea in the raging heart

Just let your heart blossom with Love!  


The window is open

The sky is clear

A little bird tweets

No one hears! 

Another moment passes!


The rain has just fallen

The soil is fragrant and soft

Moistened seeds of Love

Full of hope; full of trust

All ready, to sprout to life!


Beautiful morning

The tea and sky beckon

Cloudless mind

Floating thoughts

Bliss is in the stillness

As my cup is finally empty! 


The sounds of bursting crackers

Shake the tranquility of the hills  

The clouds cough away

As puffs of smoke rise to the sky

Alone in the street

A hungry boy shivers in a dark corner

Yet! Oblivious by the brilliance! 

The crimson sun rises to the festival of light 


Looking for the mysterious water fall
I climb this arduous mountain slope

 Footsteps from the past  

Left behind now as a trail

Lead me on!

One step at time!

Through overgrown greenery

Pushing away the thorns and bushes

I keep walking!

How long this journey will last

I do not know!

High above, the sun shines bright!

But down here, it is still cold and dim

Little bit of sunlight trickles here

 But still life below blossoms

The stream I first started with

Once meandering in the plains below

Is foamy and turbulent here, up in the rapids

The water fall must be near!  I think!

I can hear the water roaring

Yet, I see no waterfall!

The slope is steeper now

The climb is more difficult

Through moss and ferns  

I keep moving on

Tripping and slipping

Pulling myself up every time!

I must find the waterfall! I think!

The stream is only a trickle now

Its rumbling silenced by my desperate thoughts

Converging and betraying

Sadly now!

It is the beginning of the stream!

End of my journey!

No waterfall in between!

 Its sunset soon

I have scaled the mighty peak

But the waterfall I sought

No where?

As I sit in silent desolation

The floating white clouds  make me wonder

 In seeking for the waterfall, found only in my mind

Did I forget to relish the stream of Life? 


Dusky evening clouds

Soon to disperse

A mind in hurry

Wishing peace!  


The flower blossoms and withers

The clouds gather and part

Civilizations rise and fall

Like the mist in the morning sun

Humming a happy tune

My voice fades in the soothing breeze! 


Hiding behind motley robes

The lie within peeks

Unashamed and unabashed!

The truth wanders!

Butt naked! 

Monday, 29 September 2014


The tea pot is brewing

The flowers smile

The emperor sips!

Bliss is every sip!

Clear, calm and happy

Is his heart of enlightenment! 

As the fly shares his royal tea! 


Somewhere else to be

Something else to keep

You crave and seek!


The heretic says!

 To seek is to suffer! 

So dear friend!

Let go and be free!  


Puppet of passion

Dancing to delusion

Chasing desires

Fulfilling urges

Entangling, craving, falling!


The zombie, seeking, mind! 


Still water!

Reflecting the full moon!

The frog jumps in!

Ripples breaking in circles!

Unscathed by his croaking

The silence remains!


Come to me!

Oh my love!

The morning is new

The ways is long

The journey has just begun

Through paths unknown

Steep mountains and deep valleys

Arid deserts and dark thick forests

To destinations unknown

Together we shall tread  

Come to me! Oh my love!

Hand in hand

Hearts entwined

Come; let’s embark on this voyage of Love! 


Little rain drops falling

Peace and tranquility

Warmth and joy

Two hearts drenched in love! 


Sudden surreal rain

A blue, joy filled sky

You and I

Holding hands!

Drenched in the showers of love!

Hidden from the crowds

In a shade unknown

Far from the world and reality

A haven of  enchanting bliss

Love, rain and passion

All here and and now

Here in this sudden surreal rain

Sunday, 28 September 2014


Had I known! Oh! Little one! 

You would end up in the tiger’s mouth

Would I have still given birth?

How I wish now!

The umbilical cord!

That connected us for nine months

 Wrung your neck even before your first breath!

Oh! My little one!

What’s in this existence!

For me to watch those ragged teeth sink in

Your crimson blood spurting out!

Your pointless life! Pointless suffering!

Just pawed off!

Oh Lord! Why did you spare me?