Friday, 28 February 2014

No I No Me

In this market place of life

I’ve wandered long enough!

Bargaining with my soul

Seeking un-thought out passions

Entangling myself in desire and hate

Weary and tired

I finally give up this game

This game of greed and delusion!

As a recluse now I enter!

Enter again!

Sans identity! Sans expectations! 

With nothing to lose

Nothing to gain

Residing in peace

Clothed in compassion

Embracing love in my naked mind

No soul; no striving

Tranquil and serene; the stream of life flows on 

No I, No me!

Only bliss and silence!


Jewel of the orion

Belted for life

Ever expanding my void

Orange and shining

So close yet so far

You are where my heart lies

Oh! Brilliant Betelgeuse !


The signal turns green !

My heart skips another beat !

My life flashes before me! 

Loud is hoot of the coming train  

As the tracks resonate

Transient is my hesitation

As i dive to my final destiny 

Screeching metal upon metal 

Now meeting the mortal softness of warm flesh

Happiness and consciousness

Now  crushed  and scattered

oh! Isn't this where i left my playful  coins !


To give like the sunshine

Equal to one and all

With love and Compassion

To flow steadily like the mighty river

Without cling to the banks

Letting go!

To accept like the endless ocean

Irrespective of the source or content

All that life offers

Oh!  Lord of the ever-changing universe

Bless me with your divine grace 


The door is open

The spirit is free

Here and now 

The mind is barking! 

The heretic says

What is left to see?


He who holds to words

Will only see thus far! 

Gorge out your eyes

Throw out your ideas

Fill your skull with love!

Oh Thirsty soul

The heretic says

Be drunk on Love! 


Through mountains and valleys;

Rivers and plains

Wandering aimlessly

I am a nameless wanderer!   

And all I do is wander!

Oh!  Clinging mind!  Just let me be!

Oh clever thought, don’t tie me down to your nasty ideas

OH mighty passion, don’t entangle me in you sinewy arms  

Oh gullible consciousness, don’t fool me with your egotist illusions

I’m a just a nameless wanderer

And all I do is wander!

I have no more attachments

I have no more baggage to lose

Nowhere to go

Nothing to do

Just here and now;

I am a wanderer – wandering endlessly

 A nameless wanderer;

Oh let me ever be! 


The painting on the wall!

Streaks of colour; remnants of joy!

Life it was then

Now only a memory

I held the brush

You held me

Together we painted

This painting of love

Now it still hangs there

Alone, in a dusty corner!

Just like me!

Rancid and Silent !


Thick slurry clogging and churning!

Churning within this primeval ocean!

Oh! Can this name less thing be a mere feeling?

Neither is it passion; neither is it compassion

Neither is it like any other mental formation

Neither is it self; neither is it non-self

Featureless without understanding

Oh formless feeling!

Why do you keep wringing my heart? 

Who is it who unlocked your black box in my mind?

Who will ever close it?

The tap of life has now been left open and flowing

It’s vital essence; is it poison or ambrosia?

Drinking from my own skull!

The heretic asks!  

Why does it all taste the same?


The shell of my conceit has been cracked open

The secrets of my heart is has been spilled

The Cartesian gallery is empty

Pipes and drums lie scattered and silent

Yet a strange music plays on!

A tune unheard of before!

A tune so unnerving yet soothing

A tune so overwhelming 

As music fills my broken heart with  peace

Oh! Is this the tune of Love?


The sky is so blue; the grass is so green

Chasing butterflies in the warm summer sun

Humming a merry tune! 

Coloured wings and footsteps

Oh!  How blissful is evanescence


Random is the thought of randomness

Blessed is the soul that breathes

Cast away beyond the galaxy’s junk yard

Slithering through the dunes of consciousness

Sudden truth explodes as realization!

From the sunshine of understanding

To the sin of pride

Knowledge is polluted with illusion

 As the mind is engulfed in flames

The unfettered ocean roars in a distant shore

As the figment of time withers and wilts

All alone, lost  in this  bubble of sentience

My lonesome awareness wanes!


The sky is an endless question

Suffering the eternal answer

Nascent is the empty mind

As compassion sprouts in my  heart !


Dark clouds of passion over the winter sky

The sunshine of mindfulness is hidden 

As awareness fades

And Emotions erodes

The dusk of sorrow has now again set in !