Tuesday, 29 April 2014


Alone in a crowd

As you smile in silence

Will you ever know?

What you really mean to me!

Maybe, you can see it my eyes

Maybe, you can see it when I smile

For words can never say

What I really feel!

Time has a reason

 Space has a meaning!

But only for the bounded!

Free in thought

Free in spirit

I am merely a heretic

 Unbound from convention

Untied from passion

Unshaken by suffering

‘I am’, truly free!

Yet, deep within this un-yearning heart

An unfettered fire rages

Tell me dear friend!

Will this nameless fire cease!


Climbing lofty peaks

One step at a time

Distance is an illusion

Path, a mere figment

Destiny a simplification

Life, a foolish rationalization!  

The truth is here

Happiness is now

This moment is all there is

Oh!  Striving soul! Weary of climbing!

No more mountains; no more cliffs  

 Only just one step at a time!


Love this deep

Love this vast

How much longer, can all this last!

How long can the universe keep smiling?

How long, can fragile threads hold its weight?

Out of nothing it came

Into nothingness, shall it not go?

A flaming heart!

Once shining and glowing !

Smothered by the clouds of time

Stomped by the boots of reality

Now just fleeting embers!

 Fleeting across the summer sky

Alive, blue and sparking!

Still keeping alive!

The once flamboyant flame of love! 

Oh! Flaming heart of mine!

Let not these blue embers die!


Two coins! 

Shining and glowing

Together now

Going soon in different ways!

Times of fun

Times of joy

Moments of shared experience

All now just memories!  

As the wheel of time rolls on

And the Achilles heel of friendship is stretched

Oh! Will this be the end of company! 


Another moonlit night

Happiness round and bright

Still waters soothing

A face above smiling

A warm heart shake

A tender embrace

Oh!  Happy I am being alive!


The room is empty

The curtains are drawn

A lone lamp lights up my dark corners

As stillness reigns over the mind

And silence remains

Oh where did all the thoughts and memories go? 


Running away from fangs of death

On this fatal treadmill of time!

Older and short of breath

How long will my fuse last?

No more solace in cynicism

Nothing Bitter sweet in sarcasm

The hard truth of suffering is here

Nothing more can evade it

It can crack any skull; and melt any brain

Memories and hope too,

All shall evaporate! 

The heretic says!

Oh! How much Love can save this world! 


My heart is but Jerusalem!

And today!

Jesus!  The son of Man has entered it! 

Riding on the foal of a donkey! 

Waving Palm leaves for faith!

He enters my final destination! 

Hosanna be to him!

But his temple; my once humble soul!

Is sadly, now just a market place! 

Greed, desire and filth

Anger, envy and hate

Freely trade with hedonic passion! 

 A den of robbers it has become! 

Oh Lord! You have entered my heart

You have blessed me with your presence! 

Now cleanse this temple too!

Chase away my vices

Whip away my passions

Make my soul, a house of your prayer again!

Fill me with your divine Love!

Oh Lord of lords! King of the universe!

Hosanna be to You!


Five minutes to eternity

The clock stands still

Time is frozen

My thoughts too

As frosted fingers reach out

And my thawed heart gives in

A Smile is what breaks free


Meandering in peace

Gurgling in happiness

The Clear water flows!

A leaf caressed by the gentle currents! 

I float on, in blissful silence! 


The nightingale sings!

The heart rejoices!

No thought

No feelings

No qualia

No consciousness

Just a magical moment! 


Soaring high! With wings of wisdom!

Leaving behind the tree line of emotions

The sky of mindfulness opens before me!

Emptiness now, stretches across the heavens

Entities dissolve and disintegrate!

Clouds of tears and loneliness flee!

Love is no longer an entangling feeling!

It is the only way of life!  

Trust and commitment, like the sun shine, now glows!

Compassion like moonlight

Embraces and soothes when the sunshine fails

Happiness blossoms in the garden below

The tranquil river flows!

As time and space bring on inevitable change

And death is ever so closer

The universe within is so empty!

Life without is so full!

The circle at the end of the universe is finally complete!


The heaven is so vast

The stars, too many

The flowers are yellow

The leaves are green

Caressing without clinging

Embracing without entanglement

Oh! Tendril and tree!

Let the
river of tranquillity flow!