Tuesday, 26 August 2014


Oh! My precious love!

My heart pines for you!

My eyes search for you!

Seeking your heavenly smile!

I look in every corner

I wander every street!

Oh! Where are you?

Without you!

My Life is so pointless!

My lonesome heart drowns!

Come to me oh my Love!

You are my meaning of life!

You are my source and summit

You are my everything!

Oh! My precious love! 


Gentle rain drops are falling outside

Sitting on the veranda

You and I! Embracing in bliss!

Feeling the warmth of love in your every breath

Hiding my shyness in the softness of your twirls  

Tell me my dear!

Are you a dream or an Angel? 


The night is bright

The moon is full

Far away still

Yet so close to my heart

I listen softly

Mesmerized in your Love   


Black dress and red shoes

Looking  down from the blues

Waiting eagerly

Trodding elegantly

Oh mysterious Lady

Who are u waiting for ?


Loving eyes

A smile so shy   

Hand in hand now

To walk this Life

You are a gift

You are a miracle

Tell me my dear

Are you truly heaven sent? 


A sudden glance by chance

A shiver down my spine

Deep within!

A mushy down pour

As you subtly smile and turn away

I silently blush into my coffee cup!


The evening is young

The birds still are flying in the sky

The sun is bright and clouds are white

Its only now, we have met

Glancing and smiling!

We've not even spoken our hearts yet

But you are in a hurry! 

Tell me my dear!

Must you leave so soon? 


Deep blue skies

You and I

Nothing above

Nothing below

Just lost in Love ! 


Love is all there is!

Love is all that matters!

Oh! Foolish mind!

Why can’t you see?

The morning so fresh

Life is so beautiful

Yet why can’t you still see?

Those eyes that show!

 You and I as separate

The ears that hear

Us and them!

They are nothing more, but liars!

Don’t you be fooled by them!

Colour and race; caste and creed

Good and bad; beautiful and ugly

They are nothing, but superficial and illusionary

They are like mere layering dust on a glowing pot of gold!

So, listen, dear friend!

Blow away the dust in your eyes; and you will see

The heart of gold in every human form

The same essence of love; deep within one and all  

All cherishing to be happy

Desiring to free of suffering

Wishing to be loved and to love

Aren't we all essentially the same?

Sharing the fragile home of kind mother earth

In a life so ephemeral and full of suffering

Striving for love and happiness

Listen! My Dear friend!

Love is all we need! Love is all there is!  

Love is all , that finally matters!


Oh Lord! Oh my master!
I am so filled with your love

I am so intoxicated in your magnificence!

In this worldly existence of paradoxes

 Lost and caught up in self pursuit

What else did I gain, but hurt and anguish?

But, when I finally surrendered to your Will

When I finally gave myself up

 You blessed me with eternal salvation!

Benevolent and merciful

Omniscient and Omni-content

Showering upon a wretched like me

Your divine grace!

You have saved my fallen soul!

Oh Lord! Oh my master!

Let me now shine and glow with your Love

Let me lighten up some darkened lives and corners

Let me reach out a helping hand to helpless

Oh Lord! Oh my Master

Let your eternal Love forever fill me!  


In every stranger eyes

I see the hidden pain

In every stranger eyes

I see the nascent love

I walk all over

Wandering aimlessly

Seeking the unseekable

Yet!  I see it all!

In every strangers eyes!


The lonesome sun rises

The sky is barren and grey 

The earth is morose and dusty

As the satire of life smiles upon me

Even the morning flowers wither away!


This is the moment!

The sky is barren!

Thoughts still wring

Feelings drown

Lost in self pursuit!

Oh! How long will I sell my soul? 


Brick after brick!

Cemented down!

The wall within grows!

Wailing still; but beating

The “self” burdened heart!