Friday, 31 October 2014


This world of colors is only a flashing dream

And all that I sense and see

Are merely shadows

And all that I seek and crave

Are only a mirage

In this transient life of evanescence

Lost in the delusion of self

Who is this fool who accumulates? 


Caged within, by expectation

Torn apart by duality

Is not suffering inevitable!

The heretic says!

The whole world is an idea in the raging heart

Just let your heart blossom with Love!  


The window is open

The sky is clear

A little bird tweets

No one hears! 

Another moment passes!


The rain has just fallen

The soil is fragrant and soft

Moistened seeds of Love

Full of hope; full of trust

All ready, to sprout to life!


Beautiful morning

The tea and sky beckon

Cloudless mind

Floating thoughts

Bliss is in the stillness

As my cup is finally empty! 


The sounds of bursting crackers

Shake the tranquility of the hills  

The clouds cough away

As puffs of smoke rise to the sky

Alone in the street

A hungry boy shivers in a dark corner

Yet! Oblivious by the brilliance! 

The crimson sun rises to the festival of light 


Looking for the mysterious water fall
I climb this arduous mountain slope

 Footsteps from the past  

Left behind now as a trail

Lead me on!

One step at time!

Through overgrown greenery

Pushing away the thorns and bushes

I keep walking!

How long this journey will last

I do not know!

High above, the sun shines bright!

But down here, it is still cold and dim

Little bit of sunlight trickles here

 But still life below blossoms

The stream I first started with

Once meandering in the plains below

Is foamy and turbulent here, up in the rapids

The water fall must be near!  I think!

I can hear the water roaring

Yet, I see no waterfall!

The slope is steeper now

The climb is more difficult

Through moss and ferns  

I keep moving on

Tripping and slipping

Pulling myself up every time!

I must find the waterfall! I think!

The stream is only a trickle now

Its rumbling silenced by my desperate thoughts

Converging and betraying

Sadly now!

It is the beginning of the stream!

End of my journey!

No waterfall in between!

 Its sunset soon

I have scaled the mighty peak

But the waterfall I sought

No where?

As I sit in silent desolation

The floating white clouds  make me wonder

 In seeking for the waterfall, found only in my mind

Did I forget to relish the stream of Life? 


Dusky evening clouds

Soon to disperse

A mind in hurry

Wishing peace!  


The flower blossoms and withers

The clouds gather and part

Civilizations rise and fall

Like the mist in the morning sun

Humming a happy tune

My voice fades in the soothing breeze! 


Hiding behind motley robes

The lie within peeks

Unashamed and unabashed!

The truth wanders!

Butt naked!