Saturday, 29 November 2014


Reflecting on the cold pond

Ripples wriggle

The fish swim below

Deep within the still mind

The  pale November moon ! 


Blue skies above

The flowing stream below! 

Beside me!

The grass is green!

Deep within

Thoughts wander aimlessly!

Peaceful in bliss

I just let them be!  


I have  wandered  high and low 

Seeking the truth

I have read  all the scriptures

And listened to sermons

But until today, I was only  lost in strife !

But something has changed within now

Something new has blossomed

 Shedding my coat of self-conceit

My eyes have  finally opened

Finally I have realized

I am, only  Love !

I  no longer get  carried away by greed

Get lured by  lust, or get caught up in hatred

For,  I am only Love !

I can now feel, the pain in every soul

I can now  feel, all the pointless suffering

And yes!

I  can feel   all your  sorrows too!

I can feel your righteous  anger  

In love!  

All of  these  will be washed  away !

You may  judge me for all my wrong doings

My different world views

For my differing preferences

Yet,  Love is all inclusive!  

And  I  am only Love!

We  have treated each other  badly

We have hurt each other deeply

We have killed a million lives

But Love conquers all vices

Love will forgive  us!

As Love forgives one and all 

Come dear friend !

Let  us  become Love ! 


Morning is here

And You are here in my arms

How lucky Am I !

Your warm breath

your  sweet smile

Lost in your loving embrace

Tell me my dear

Must  we really  wake up ? 


Autumn  is here

Fallen leaves lie scattered

Another season passes

The mind still toils

As the  coldness of the mountain  embraces me

Only  change remains !