Wednesday, 31 December 2014


The full moon of wisdom rises

The lotus  of love blossoms

Lost in the gentle ripples

The mind resides in peace!  


The weary clouds move away

The sky is blue and  clear

Love is here!

And life is now!

Everything is finally perfect

A mere reflection on the morning dew

I glow in evanescent bliss ! 


Enthroned between two worlds

The world of past and the world future

One of  which no longer exists!

And the other, which  is yet to come

Caught in the cycle of endless suffering!  

Affirming and denying!

Seeking and forsaking!

Encased by illusion!

 Enslaved by mortal fear!  

Grasping for identity;  clinging for security!

Easy to be hurt;  and eager to be gratified!

The ever elusive! The ever deceptive!  

The one and only! The Only vice !

Oh mighty Ego!

When will “I”  let you go ?


The sky is bright and clear

The morning is fresh  

Rising over the green mountains

The sun of happiness glows!  


The breeze is strong!

The night is endless!

My once now tall stature

Has all now melted away

With mere remains of a dying wick

Flickering in uncertainty

Hoping to see the light dawn

My flame linger on ! 


Thunder roars

Rain clouds gather

The wind is violent

The sky is gloomy

Darkness slowly creeps in

And you my dear,  are still not back!

Oh my Love!

When will you return ? 


Sweet little Mercy 

Sat by her dream

In a solitary place, under a solitary tree

Bemoaning  the hardness of  her little Heart

Stacking herself away from the ruthless world

The ruthless world where, some laugh; some scorn

Some just walk away ! 

Just then; above the dark shadows of her sorrow

There came brightness!

A brightness of a thousand suns filled with joy!

presence of divine  beauty!  

A Beauty beyond the realm of  words!

With blemish-less wings,  reaching towards her

The One, descended to her side 

“Peace be to thee” Said He!

Wiping her tears, and soothing her heart

Cladding her in silver and gold

Putting a chain about her neck

 And ear-rings in her ears

 He placed the beautiful golden crown upon her humble head

And holding her, hand in hand, he led her

He led her, all the way to the Golden gate!

He too then knocked, and then He went in!

And Mercy followed too!

Followed him all the way through the golden gate!

To the place of ultimate glory; the throne of gold!

The Throne of gold, upon which the One sat!

And then, the One said to her

 “Welcome Daughter!.”  

And as he embraced her!

Brightness and joy! Glory and Love!

All within her heart and all around

Filled and overflowed!

And all of these, and all of her

All became One!

In this place of bliss and glory!

Among the stars and suns

Happiness and Love

Angels and saints

She saw clearly! And surely so!

The once striving pilgrim too!

A moment passed!

A moment lost in quizzical thought

And in another!   She laughed!

Laughed out loud!

And alas!  Her dream shattered!

 And alas! She was awake!

Awakened back into the solitary place of conditional existence

Awakened back into the hands of this ruthless world!

Tell me dear Mercy!

From this dream of heavenly bliss and glory

If only had you not laughed it away

Would you have still awakened back to this ruthless world?