Thursday, 31 December 2015


The winter morning is cold

My feet are tied!

There is music in the background

We are all  out in the garden

I used play here when I was a  kid

Mother was there too

But one day she was gone!

My friend is here with me still

He is my only hope!

Fear  grips me now!

I have a feeling of impending doom

Thanks to him

I have some comfort

In his hands I know I am forever safe!

He is my good shepherd!

From green pastures to still waters

He takes me everyday

He is my only Saviour! 

But today !

Why has he tied me down!

Why is he sharpening his knife!

Little Sid comes up now

He is my friend too

“Dad” he asks

Are we having mutton today?

“Yes son”

Today is the day of the feast!

And today there will be mutton!

Sid jumps in joy

Runs around the house

Like all little kids do

I too,  used to do so you  know!

Mutton ! mutton ! Mutton!

He says with overflowing joy !

My Saviour now  comes up to me

A prayer he says!

I too close my eyes with him

I too bleat in synchrony!

A warm feeling grows around my neck

sticky , red and warm!

As I wonder what all this mutton is about

Ouch ........  !


Creator in a ceramic case 

Hidden in the dusty shelf of ideas 

An elixir of immortality 

A promise of   salvation 

A soothing balm for the wounded soul 

Created for; and created by

Homo sapiens sapiens! 


I have scaled  the heights of  the blue mountains

I have waded though the fluffiness of the changing clouds

Through the dark and thick  forests

Through ravines and  streams

I have traveled in solitude

But no matter where I go  

I'm  still stuck with me 


Looking for the moon

The pebble sinks

The ripples are lost

The pond is stirred

And the clouds move away

The heretic says! 

No finger can ever  point to the moon! 


Dark clouds reined the sky 

Even the sun looked away 

It was raining day and night 

But no one knew 

No one knew till the  very day 

No one knew!  

Until it all happened ! Suddenly! 

As in the days of Noah 

Even as the rain was pouring 

People were eating , drinking,  being merry 

Fighting, pushing and  rushing in a hurry 

But Suddenly! As the dams turned 

The water came !

And  suddenly ! There was no where to go !

No Noah ; No ark! 

Only water everywhere!  

Water in homes, Water in  hospitals 

Washing  away all our precious things  

Drowning  our very own loved ones 

Stranded , shattered and starving 

As  we  watched helplessly from roof tops 

The city of once glory 

Was sinking now  in this sudden deluge 

Thankfully though !

The good lord is above ; and  his grace and mercy reigns 

And so; there is still hope for mankind!

As the floods drowned the ego of every  man 

And washed away all their colors, masks and  differences 

Love rose as the ark of Noah 

And compassion  saved the sinking city !

Every man became a good Samaritan 

Every man became  a noble Noah 

One  was there for the other

And the other  was there for one 

All united ! Beyond cast creed and conditioning 

The city rose above the flood waters 

The city won over  the sudden deluge

The skies have cleared now 

And the water has receded 

Oh Lord ! As  the winter  sun now shines bright again 

We just hope and pray! 

This ark of your Love  remains! 


The grass is too tall

The trees are scantly

There is no stream that passes by

Thorough the drying mind-scape

Thirsty for meaning

The heretic wanders on!


Deep within the silence of the mind

There is a stirring!

A  feeling , an urge!

And then the relentless chatter !

Isn't most talking

A failing effort to protect a crumbling mask

To evade , an embarrassment

To hide a hidden hurt

To shine the light elsewhere

To drown the uneasiness of silence

To impress than to inform

To point a finger away from oneself

The heretic says!

Oh Soul!  Respect silence

Stop all this relentless chatter !

Let love do all the talking!


In this fair of phenomena of so called life

Don't wander aimlessly, seeking treats from every stall

Don't get lured by all that is sold

Don't get seduced by its colors and music

Look inside!

Look inside; deep with in!

Where the relentless chatter of thoughts don't reach

Where there is unadulterated silence

There is a  hidden light !

Within the brilliance of  this inner light

You shall always find me!

And I shall always there with you!

For I am your spiritual light

I shall always  accompany your heart

I know you inner most desires

I know your deepest  fears

I know what calms you down

And if you wish, and  if you choose!

Come my dear friend !

I shall set you free !


The sky is a vast and blue!

The mountains are lush green!

The clouds are fluffy white!

Untainted by the colors

My thoughts graze in silence!


Birds of  desire fly over my  head

They no longer can nest here!


The winds keep changing directions

The  stream of life flows on

In this ever-changing mirage of the mind

Where can a soul hide !


In the market place of life

Arguments over price and produce

Are loud as ever !

Men and women!

Money and goods!

One trying to  outsmart the other!

As I walk around the stalls

With nothing to sell

And nothing to buy

I laugh at them! Thinking these fools !

And they too laugh at me

Thinking!  Oh what a fool !

What an irony! This life!


Walking the streets of this dingy town

I'm just a man of the way

I have nothing further to seek

I have nothing left to lose

The sky is my roof

And the grass is my bed

The clouds are my companions!

They too  just  come and go

My sandals are worn out !

My head is bald; my beard is gray!

Unfettered but concerned!

Engaged but unattached !

I m just glad i walked this way !

Monday, 30 November 2015


A festival of light they said!

Woof!  woof!

But whats with all this noise today!

With my tail tucked in

My ears weeping shut

Dribbling with fear

Whichever turn i take

There is another loud bang! Bang!

A poor dog in the street

A silenced woof !

Now ! Bang bang! And Ha ha ha! 

Happy Diwali  !


Its late at night! 

And I’m  still up and  awake! 

Striving to write poetry  

All my  ideas have run dry

Frustration comes by

And all words seem to run away  from me!

Not far from my desk   

Cuddled up alone on our cozy bed

My beloved sleeps in

Her curly hair, softly dancing in the breeze

A glowing half smile in the depths of peace

No words , no seeking

Just sleeping in silent poetry !

Its time now , I realize

I  too must put my pen down and  huddle in

Love  needs  no fancy poetry

Love  needs no clever words

A warm hug is all that you need !


The heart is greater than the heavens! 

Love  is vaster than space! 

yet,caught up in the cage of  concepts!

Entangled in the web of thoughts! 

Oh! Fickle mind of mine

Wake up! Break free!

Don't you know!

You are the world my friend ! 


Not an  idea! 

Not a dream! 

Not a castle of hope! 

Only to you

I surrender all! 

Oh !  Prayer answering God ! 


The war of the world  is closing in! 

And this time,  your life is at stake! 

Bullets pierce, and tear flesh and life

Bombs explode, and shred dismembered organs

More blood flows on the roads

Than any heart or  vein

Oh friend! 

Oh Where will you run to!

 Oh where will you hide! 

The war of the world is closing in! 

Soon ! You too will be dead!

Like all the other million souls! 

All your dreams and achievements!

All you pleasures, desires and hopes!

All that you have, and all that you care about

All your loved ones,  you so love to protect

All of them, and you, will be soon miserably dead!

And this  time ! Where will you run! Where will you hide ! 

This is the war of the world! This war !

Is not  in a distant troubled nation! 

Nor is it in some radical mind of a terrorist

Not even in the controller of the controller of drones

But Deep within your own hatred ridden heart! 

The shield of hypocrisy will not protect you

The trench of religion will not guard you

The vest of  self-pursuit will not help you 

You were foolish to pursue the arms race of hatred!

You were foolish to use the nuclear weapons of selfishness!

Alas! Its too late now ! For you, and for humanity!

The tree of life is burning! 

The earth is soaking in your blood! 

The oceans turn red, and the waves wash away history! 

Alas! what will remain as the tombstone of man! 


My last breath is over! 

This corpse I leave behind! 

Goodbye cruel world!

Mottled  with passion

Bloating with greed

I  lie rotting by the roadside

I once had a dream of paradise

But now,  only my stench reaches the heavens

A life lost in self pursuit

A breath purely for  self sustenance

A pointless life! 

Good !  All this is over at-last!

Alas! What else can be said!

Saturday, 31 October 2015


Gag me! Kill me!

I am the blasphemous heretic!

Its my turn today!

Shoot me !

Shoot me as you shot them all

Shoot me !

Even as  I utter  these words

Shoot me ! 

Shoot me point blank!

Let my skull explode

Let my brains splatter

Let my curdled blood flow

The heretic still says! 

Listen you fools!

The last drop of blood  will drain from my carcass !  

But Love eternal; shall   forever  flow !


Myriad of  surreal moments!

An empurpled fuge !

Pointless pains ! 

Meaningless gains! 

Vacillating between!

The grand delusion of “self” !

A snap here !

A  tug there !

Now tangled  and mangled till demise!

A stranded puppet  in a ludicrous dream

I smile at all  this  absurdity!