Tuesday, 30 June 2015


The newly painted wall

The pleasant smell of  fresh paint

The bright colors; the  warm curtains 

Framed to perfection

The picture!

Filled with joy; full of smiles!

One happy family!

But life is no snapshot!

A raging river it is !

Swept away by  its  turbulent currents

A sudden twist it was !

Torn apart by its bare elements

Through the rapids of  prolonged uncertainty

And the torrent of  unforeseen death

Emerging one less

 Love lost; a  family shattered!

Alas now ! Back home !

The walls and curtains are the same

A lot has changed since!

Now left alone in my couch of misery

Life relentlessly flows on !

But the  picture still perfect; stands  still and silent !


Jesus my saviour!

He’s always there with me!

Jesus my messiah!

He’s always there with me!

When the sea of  sorrow drowns me

When  the rocks  of suffering  weigh me down  

Jesus my saviour

He’s always  there with me

When disease strikes me

When all my loved ones depart

When all hope  seems lost

Jesus my savior

He’s always there with me

Dying at the cross for  my sins

Saving me with salvation

Resurrecting on the third day

Jesus my Saviour

He’s is always there with me

My days here are numbered

soon I too shall become dust

when the day of reckoning beckons  me

Oh Jesus my saviour ! Oh Jesus my messiah !

Let me be with you ! Amen!


Illusions and delusions

Oh my soul

Don't get caught in these

Colorful and luring it may seem

But this splendid world too

Is  just another illusion

All rising thoughts  

All impetous feelings

All fleeting emotions

All of these too are  mere illusions and  delusions

Note too, of  this play of words

Don’t fall ,even for this trap

All of these are illusions

All of these are delusions

Illusions and delusions!

Oh my soul

Don't get caught in these!


In this journey life

Where suffering in inevitable


You could be the  next one my friend !

So hold out a helping hand

Embrace a suffering man

Feed a hungry mouth

Redeem your rotting soul

The heretic says!

 Awaken your heart to compassion!

Don't walk away from your neighbor's pain !


Names, customs; practices!

Words are different

Worlds are too

The heretic says!

Don't get caught in this battle of  views

With eyes of compassion

All worlds collapse

Only Love remains ! 


The river of  life is sacred

Our journey in it is short

Surrounded by misery and sorrow

Cautious and fearful

Putting only one foot in

Don't hesitate to stepping in!

The heretic says !

Plunge in !

Drown your self !

Life is to Love !