Thursday, 30 July 2015


A swarm of fighter jets  whiz across the eastern  skies 

Trembling below 

The city of wood and beauty 

Serene gardens   

Ten Thousand shrines 

A life of millions 

But then; disarmed and un-pickled 

The planes just fly away 

Was it the pilots 

Was it the western  cabinet 

Was it the beauty of the gardens below 

No one really knows!

Seventy years have gone since 

Two big bombs fell elsewhere 

Million lives  lost  to hatred 

Cities burnt down to ashes 

Urban Monsters have now  taken their place 

But down here 

The temples stand  tall against the cedar trees 

The gardens are  still tranquil and green 

As an  alien to this drowning civilization 

I sit here by a temple pond 

Beside me, carps swim  and dance in a myriad of colors    

As  clear water ripples around their snouts and fins 

The reflected sunlight shines and glitters

Standing in  stoic silence

Stone lanterns and  tea houses tell tales to one another as they relive the past glory 

Another plane flies high now 

A white streak is left behind as a trail

Slowly,  like human history 

As all the traces gently fade 

The eastern sky is finally blue again 


The clear blue skies 

Just a few  clouds floating by 

The sun sets 

The moon rises 

The clouds too pass away 

Sitting by the window

As life around me changes 

The I in me wonders 

Will I wake up to another day ?


The  Autumn rain has stopped now 

But not the drizzle and spray 

Heavy with the rain drops 

The flowers of the morning  bow down  and sway  

Perched on the wet branches, fluffing their features,  the little  sparrows chip away 

As clear water glides over the smoothed pebbles 

Lost in this sparkling beauty 

Sitting under the shade  of the cherry tree 

I wonder !

How can this be! 

Just another day! 


To the knowledgeable and wise 

I am just a  fool 

To the religious 

I am another confused soul 

To the pious 

I'm blasphemous and unholy 

As I Wander in lands far and wide 

Seeking nothing from within or without 

The heretic says! 

I'm just a mirror of your soul my friend!


Silent and tranquil 

The rock stands still

As I walk this garden  path 

The gravel beneath speaks 

The water trickles in prosody 

The birds hum in tune 

The pebbles shine as they  reflect the filtered sunshine 

Not very long ago 

Wasn't this  is the path of the patriarchs!

But then! 

Does it matter now !

I'm  just a man with nothing more to seek ! 


The summer sky is cloudless 

The garden is fresh and green 

On a stone bench by a bamboo hut

I sit here drinking tea 

In a  distant hill a trail of  smoke rises

In the canal beside me water gently  flows 

People in the road  chatter 

Cars rush by 

As the world moves on within this tea cup

What else is left to say !


Trees sway against the mossy landscape 

Clear water ripples amongst the lotus flowers

Embraced by the comforting beauty

In this garden of tranquility 

I sit here seeking to write poetry 

Nearby, in a temple by the brook 

A little boy rings an ancient  bell 

People come and go in reverence 

As the mountain air reverberates  with the lost silence 

Deep within

Stillness remains !


The ancient cedar croaks with every step  

The mountain behind stands tall 

Thoughts and trees merge 

Ideas vanish in silence 

All seeking ends here 

All findings cease 

As the water fall sets the tune 

And stillness plays as music

Nothing more can be said 

As all is revealed in this  very moment ! 


The garden is  alive and  green  

stone lanterns and bamboo stand tall 

Silent rocks and raked up gravel 

As the water trickles in the stream  

Deep within the stillness 

The Lotus  blossoms

Wednesday, 29 July 2015


Mossy landscape 

Lush and green 

Gravel pathways 

Leading on 

Not swept away in all  beauty 

Stillness  still resides!


Shadows of the swaying leaves 

Entangle in the waving ripples 

Gently the cool wind blows 

Thus awakened 

The mind  within ceases