Monday, 31 August 2015


Up in the heavens

The clouds part

The full moon glows

Down below

As the cool breeze blows

Two hearts embrace in a smile 


Not very long ago

When the sun was younger

And the sky was bluer

My heart was full

My spirit was  free

But then;

All in a  snap 

Thirty years have gone by now

Things and life have changed

My hairs are grey

My eyes are colder

I wear an old man’s clothes

My  bones creek

I tremble as I speak

Its too  late I know

Soon I  too must go  

But my heart still yearns to stay!

As the morning sun rises to greet me

And I live to see another day

I rejoice in grateful  silence !


One day I am born

Another I die

Hours, day, months  years

Only fools count this way  ! 


The morning sunrise brings no joy any more

The birds song is mere noise

As I wake up each day

My heart is sore

My soul in wounded

I wish I was not born at all !

I had  once found  the ultimate truth in everything

Now I’m lost it in this dark  forest of thoughts and feelings

As I wander  as a stranger in my very own mind

Tell me oh Lord!

What has become of me ! 


Who am I

Why am I  here

I think  !

But then! 


The wind blows

The branches sway

The mynah flies away! 


Crimson petals of the shady gulmohar

Adorn the summer tree line

Proud of its color and heritage

Basking  in the glorious sun

The petals enjoy these  happy days

But the rains come and go

The season changes

The flowers wither

The petals fall away

Risen in its place

The fruits  too dries up

And the seeds are all scattered out

Not too long since these flow of changes

Beginning from scattered seeds in a distant land

 A new forest is born

New trees, new life!

Among this new tree line

Another the crimson flower blossoms !

Proudly swaying in the summer breeze

Basking in joy  of self glory

Still happily wishing

Forever,  I  too  shall stay!