Saturday, 31 October 2015


Gag me! Kill me!

I am the blasphemous heretic!

Its my turn today!

Shoot me !

Shoot me as you shot them all

Shoot me !

Even as  I utter  these words

Shoot me ! 

Shoot me point blank!

Let my skull explode

Let my brains splatter

Let my curdled blood flow

The heretic still says! 

Listen you fools!

The last drop of blood  will drain from my carcass !  

But Love eternal; shall   forever  flow !


Myriad of  surreal moments!

An empurpled fuge !

Pointless pains ! 

Meaningless gains! 

Vacillating between!

The grand delusion of “self” !

A snap here !

A  tug there !

Now tangled  and mangled till demise!

A stranded puppet  in a ludicrous dream

I smile at all  this  absurdity!


I am just a Sufi!

And all I know is Love!

And love is all  to me

don't read  the  Quaran

don't go to to the Masjid

But the greatest secrets; I can still tell you!

My mecca is all within!

And Love is my only  emperor ! 


don't kill for meat !

And not  even for an idea !

Buddhist Jew, HinduChristian, and jain

 I am all of them !

Yet I am neither too !

Drowned and deafened by the drums of  hatred and anger

Can you still  hear the music of Love playing ?  

Can you not hear its all pervasive secrets ?

Come close to me ! Give me you ears!

Listen to this secret!

Listen to this secret of  ever eternal  Love!

Throw away your judgments and inhibitions

Give each other a hug !

Let the music of love play on !

All you have to do is let yourself go

And you too will become a true lover

You too will dance in its ecstasy!

You too will become a Sufi  

You too will scream out this mystical secret!

Love is one ! Love is all!

Love is the only all in all !  


Across the vast  expanses of the sky

The light of wisdom dawns

All distinction vanish

No path  ! No destination

No  ten directions !

Deep within!

In the deepest hell

Attachment whithers

Devoid of anger and hatred

Heaven is born again! 


A jeweled cup I once was !

Precious and valued!

Filled with the  sweet wine of  Love

Ready to serve any deserving lips

But slowly !

Bitterness crept in!

Only a drop , I said

And  ignored the rot within

Drop by drop!

Drop by drop!

My cup is full now !

Full of  bitterness and ill will

Alas !

Tell me dear soul!

Is it too late  to fill my cup with love again! 


Straw sandals! A tonsured head!

Prayers and chants!

Rosaries and talismans

The faith!

The book!

All the gatherings!

All of these are mere meaningless words!

Until and only!

You Love your neighbor my friend !