Saturday, 31 December 2016


Man has lost his mind

 In the war of domestication!

 It seems!

The pigs have risen

Glory be to them! 

Glowing adulation for the porcine

Lights up the eyes of every mindless mobster

As he has flushes away all residual ideas

In exchange for pizza and porn

What will become of uber-man!

A willing slave to his own passions

Guided by intelligent porcine malevolence

As the pithed army of men obliviously march on

They trample upon on their own hapless hearts and souls!

In this game of animal farm!

The pigs have risen again

Glory be to them! 


An unscathed voyager

Across seven seas!

I once was!

Hardened by the elements

Un-toppled by any gust or gale

Surviving the fiercest of the blizzards

Yet! Alas! 

All it takes is a little change of tone! 

In the whisper of your voice

To sink this un-sinkable ship of my heart!

Tell me! Oh my beloved!

Is it your strength!  Or is it my weakness!


In this sea of ignorance

Knowledge is merely an illusion

That which clings

Can be no understanding

Let go!

Let the nameless wisdom flow! 

Wednesday, 30 November 2016


Let the him with no sin

Cast the first stone

Said He!

Yet! In this world of dissonance

Stone in hand you wait

Wait for the right moment!

For your brother’s weaker moment

For him to slip!

So you can blame!

So you can curse him; condemn him

Make him a caricature of evil

Show case him!

As an embellished embodiment of abominable sin!
Why is it oh foolish mind!

You take pleasure in your brother’s every sinful lapse

Does it hide the darkness in your soul?

Does it contrast your evil heart in better light?

Does it change your sin to heavenly merit?

Does it put you in unsinkable moral high ground?

Why is it that the eyes that see the speck in the eye of your brother

Fails to see the boulder in your own!

Oh! Where is your mirror of wisdom!

To show you; that in a another context and set of circumstances

It could be you!

The sinner! The unholy!

 The unworthy! The condemned!

Oh! Where is  your  mirror of compassion?

To show you! That the sinner is another lost soul like you

That he too suffers and he too needs a chance to repent

Oh! You great warriors of righteous thought, and chariots of sententious emotions!

Hold your raging horses! Put down your bloodied swords!

Leave it to the Lord!  

Judge not! Let Love do the healing !


Caught In the swamp of the clinging mind

I pointlessly struggle!

Clogging blobs of rancid anger

Rising fumes of Toxic hatred

Thick green and gooey

The slimy sludge of jealousy!

As I lose my ground

And sink neck deep in self-made misery

Oh!! Can rusty boots of reason still save me! 


Across the vastness of sky

In shades of sentient blue

Serenity grows

The mind vanishes

Emptiness blossoms! 


Broken locks

Open doors

Missing things

Unaffected by all

Through the shattered window

Teaching me to let go

The morning sun glows! 


The freshness of the morning breeze

The splendid colours of the garden

The sweet fragrance of the flowers

Alluring and enchanting

Oh How beautiful is this life!

Yet! In a flash; all of this can vanish!

Oh Foolish mind!

Don’t waste your time in pettiness

Come let us enjoy this beautiful moment

Come let us enjoy this moment called life 

Before it is too late

Before breathe leaves us

Before death snatches away every thing

Drink from the spring of love and joy

Indeed this life is a miracle!

Come! Let us enjoy it while it still lasts! 


The sky is dark and gloomy

Dusk sinks in silently

Restless and worried

For thee!

My heart yearns! 


Moonlight glow of her face

Dark night of her tresses  

Enchanting garden of her smile

Splendid and sparkling

Full of bedazzling beauty

Is she a dream!

Is this  magic !

Perfected in perfection

Limitless in Love

Praise be to her creator!  

Oh! How wondrous  is her beauty! 


Cloudless, blue and silent

The sky sighs!

The thought remains! 

Monday, 31 October 2016


In the fertile land of emptiness

A mystical mirage suddenly appears

Through the forest of the mind

The stream of consciousness flows!

Like a midsummer night’s dream,

Like an illusion, like a dew drop

The magic of life!

How Beautiful Indeed! 


Lofty snow capped mountain peaks

Shine in silvered silence

The warm Himalayan sun glows

The cool wind blows gently

Rhododendrons and magnolias sway

The tall deodars creek

Lost in the bliss of this paradise

How can there be a trace of me! 

Sunday, 16 October 2016


Crows fly in a hurry

The sun sinks with ease

Longing to go home

Crimson thoughts flutter! 


Scattered leaves

Yellow and mottled

Unaware still

Tardy footsteps!


The storm ceases

Dark clouds pass away

But alas!

The sun has already set

Darkness remains ! 

Friday, 30 September 2016


Where in lies the basis of your pride

Oh you foolish mind! 

How is it that you flaunt the feathered hat of arrogance?

Look at yourself in the mirror of life!

Shed your cloak of insensitivity!

Look at your own vulnerability!

Do you still see your pride?

Your human life is so fragile!

Like dew drops in the morning sun

Life can ebb away in an instant

In this worldly existence

Ego, disease and sorrow

Are inevitable!

From them; you can never run away! 

Can’t you see this blatant truth?

Wealth and wisdom, you may have today

But can they save you 

When your coffin is being carried away

Pleasure and passions may lure you

But beware of their treachery

Snared by sinister pleasure

 Craving becomes your master 

And your mind its mindless slave

The inferno of desire will rage on

Even as the ashes of your life get blown away

Power may give you prowess

And an illusion of apparent control

But as the circle of life moves on

And the table of time turns

Insecurity and sorrow are sure to follow

As power will always plough you down some day  

Oh you foolish mind!

Repent now! It’s not too late!

In this evanescent life

You are still lucky 

As you still have few more breaths to breathe

Give up anger, infatuation, and greed

 Ponder over your real nature

And you will see

That everything is essence-less

And this phenomenal world is but a fleeting dream

The ego is a mirage and duality an illusion

And you will see 

yourself in everyone

And everyone in yourself 

You in me; and me in you

One in all; all in one; and all in all 

The Ultimate one!