Sunday, 31 January 2016


In the vastness of the blue sky

The clouds gather

The wind are soft

A gentle drizzle fills the evening

From the fragrance of the moist soil

Can  dusty thought can rise ! 


Oh Heer! Come here my Love! 

Where have you been all this while! 

I have finally found you! 

I once came as a cow herd  under cover of darkness

Today! I have pierced my ears and come to you as a fakir

My identity  i have hidden from the world

But my Love  for you i can no longer conceal

You used to come to the forest to see me

In the banks of the Chenab we used to embrace

By the gentle waters, i can still hear your heartbeat

Amongst  the rustic flowers of the forest  i can feel your fragrance

I n the boat of Luddan out first meeting

A rustic and a beauty eye to eye !

Our hearts melted and our souls  united

Love eternal ! Indeed!

But this life of separation!!

Oh ! How much sorrow ! How much pain!

Oh Heer! Come to your Ranjha! 

I can no longer hide behind masks!

I can no longer bear the pain of separation

In the name of Allah!

Oh My  Love! Oh Heer!  Come  back to your Ranjha ! 


Two words! 

One and all! 

Between them

The hidden truth ! 

The heretic says !

Let the wall collapse !


Shed your cloak of selfishness! 

Leave behind your sandals  of ego! 

Within this  holy-land of Mount Horeb

The burning bush is revealed! 

A  fire that  burns; yet does not consume! 

A fire that harms no flesh;; leaves no ashes! 

A fire that purifies the  heart and soul !

And within this holy fire; my soul burns! 

Burns with the fire of  Love! 

Burns with fire of  selflessness! 

And in this land of the holy of  holy

And in this land of where  Moses was transformed

"I am" is revealed! 

For “Iam  who I am” 

And "Iam" , is  was, and always shall be! 

And "I am" is  here within !

And  "I am"  is theophany!

The heretic says! 

When moses removed his sandals

He still was a coward! 

But the will of the  Lord led him

So let go of your ego dear friend! 

"Iam"  shall be revealed ! Be Led ! 


A flower in the hand! 

And silence to proclaim! 

Heaven and earth unite

As the worldly are bewildered

No words are spoken! 

But the answer blossoms in a smile!  


Two friends beside me!

Walking with me through life! 

Walking hand in hand!

Through mountains and deserts

Valleys and streams

Through joy and sorrow

Though gain and loss

Teaching me!

Reminding me!

The values of life, universe and everything! 

Sometimes one or the other moves away

Only to  show me, my own folly!

Only to gently nudge me back! 

Oh Wisdom ! my great friend!

You are the shining  sun in the sky of understanding !

I thank thee! For teaching me!

For him who has inner vision and insight! 

The mind is but a slave !

And all  worldly pleasures  are worthless pursuits

Self  is realized  through  selflessness! 

And love is the greatest virtue! 

Oh wisdom! I bow down before you!

Oh Death! My great friend! 

Though dark and deceitful ! 

You no longer scare me! 

You move so close to me everyday!

Like rain drops that will ultimately reach the sea

One day we will become one!

How vicious you are in snatching away loved ones

Yet some how you have let me be!

I keep laughing at you for this

And yet you teach me humility !

Oh dear friend

How much  longer must we play this  game of life! 

Wisdom and Death! Two great friends beside me!

Walking with me for life     
Teaching me! 

Reminding me

The values of life universe and everything !

Oh Great friends! I thank thee !