Sunday, 31 July 2016


Don’t take me seriously!

I am just another one!

One of those zillion beings

Who come and go!

In your struggle for life

In your ranting and raving

I’m just a passer by!

Our eyes meet by random

But now it’s time to move on!

My form is not commanding!

I am not famous!

I don’t have words to flatter you

Yet within me lies a secret

The secret of happiness!

Head held high with pride

A cold stare!

A colder heart!

Blinded to your own vulnerability

You my friend!

Politeness makes me refrain

To call you a blessed fool!

In this raging torrent of life

Can’t you see you!

You cannot make it across alone

Can’t you see! You are not separate!

You are not!

On some great pedestal

No one is below you

No one is above you

We are all equal!

Break free from the shell of your selfish ego

Be united in Love

Be secured in compassion

Only then

You shall know!

True Happiness!

Here and now

You shall know; true salvation!

But then! Dear friend

You don’t have to take me seriously!


A jangly song plays on stage

A fire is burns within

With each beat

My hear thumps




Engulfed by the smoke of illusion

Lost to the vices

Can ashes of the soul remain?   


Caught within confines of these rusty bars

Oh you foolish mind!

Stop fluttering and flapping in vain!

From this cage of self- conceit

A cage of your own making!

The time has come to fly away!

The time has come to break free!

The vastness of the blue sky beckons you

The fluffiness of the white clouds awaits you

Yet you choose to strive in this cage!

A cage of your own making!

Making miserable

Your life and others

Limiting your soul to pointless pettiness

Oh foolish mind of mine

The gate is open wide

The open skies of Love await you

Come let’s just fly away!


Hot summer dawn

The rain patters outside

The sun has not yet risen

Dark clouds fill the gray southern sky

I am wake!

My mind is still benumbed!

Thoughts come and go

A dark feeling sinks in

In the horizon; there is a glow

Yet! Surrounded by the darkness within

I do hope for a sunny day! 


The rain was heavy

The wind was strong

The shreds of the nest

Of the sparrow’s above

Lie scattered below!

In the slushy garden floor

Close to a puddle

Cold and shivering

Naked, featherless

Barely alive!

Chirping still!

Lay the fallen chick!

Mama and papa! Help!

She must have chirped

But in the pattering of the rain

Everything seemed to drown

Now exposed to the elements

In a sudden twist of fate

There she was! Just left to die!

Blue umbrella in hand!

Splashing through the puddles

Jack was in a hurry!

But something stopped him

A chirp, a squirm

A moving form

Ah! A little birdie!

A poor little one! He says!

 His heart was moved

Compassion flowed

With tender hands of Love

He picked up her up!

A tear or two

He must have shed !

In a cut out milk carton  

Stuffed with warm gray wool

He gently placed her

 Chirp!  Chirp!

Is all that she could mange

As she snuggled into the warmth  

He found the crevice her nest was once hidden

He ran to the garden

Fetched a wooden ladder

And gently placed her

He heard some chirping

Patiently he waited

Soon a pair appeared


Mama and papa!

He sighed with relief

His heart filled with happiness

His soul beamed with compassion

As he reached home now as a more complete man

He prayed and sat down

Only to enjoy his favorite meal

Roasted chick-en! 


Unable to find words; I just smile!

Yet, you walk away!

Can’t you see it in the twinkle of my eyes?

Can’t you see it in the blushing of my cheeks?

Fluttering of my eyelids

The sway of my walk

Shyness of my gaze

Must I come and tell you!

Only then; will you know!

This secret blossoming in my heart!