Friday, 30 September 2016


Where in lies the basis of your pride

Oh you foolish mind! 

How is it that you flaunt the feathered hat of arrogance?

Look at yourself in the mirror of life!

Shed your cloak of insensitivity!

Look at your own vulnerability!

Do you still see your pride?

Your human life is so fragile!

Like dew drops in the morning sun

Life can ebb away in an instant

In this worldly existence

Ego, disease and sorrow

Are inevitable!

From them; you can never run away! 

Can’t you see this blatant truth?

Wealth and wisdom, you may have today

But can they save you 

When your coffin is being carried away

Pleasure and passions may lure you

But beware of their treachery

Snared by sinister pleasure

 Craving becomes your master 

And your mind its mindless slave

The inferno of desire will rage on

Even as the ashes of your life get blown away

Power may give you prowess

And an illusion of apparent control

But as the circle of life moves on

And the table of time turns

Insecurity and sorrow are sure to follow

As power will always plough you down some day  

Oh you foolish mind!

Repent now! It’s not too late!

In this evanescent life

You are still lucky 

As you still have few more breaths to breathe

Give up anger, infatuation, and greed

 Ponder over your real nature

And you will see

That everything is essence-less

And this phenomenal world is but a fleeting dream

The ego is a mirage and duality an illusion

And you will see 

yourself in everyone

And everyone in yourself 

You in me; and me in you

One in all; all in one; and all in all 

The Ultimate one!


Another day

In a life full of grey

A shadow

Of an existence

Have I become!

Colder and older

Pointless and petty

Wretched and wronged

Oh! What have i become

Is this just a passing phase

Or is it  just one of those days

Fueled by futile fury

With rage without reason

And direction-less anger
With vicious verbs and violent vocabulary

Spreading the seeds of dreadful hate

Oh foolish mind!

As you run amok aimlessly!

Don’t you think it’s time to stop? 


Childhood lost to playfulness

Youth lost to passion

Middle age lost in the pursuit of power

And old age in lost in great regret

A life lost to vices

A lifetime lost to cyclical existence

Oh! How difficult it is!

 To cross this boundless ocean of samsara!  


The sky sings the song in shades of blue

The clouds dance in cloaks of white

The trees hum in swaying green

 Happiness blossoms

And joy overflows

As the cool breeze that embraces all colours

Enters my open heart !


Tamarinds for the next summer

Ready and ripe!

Memories forgotten

Lives changed

Unshaken still!

The tainted tree! 


The dawn is yet to break

The darkness of the night is still here

The birds chirp in anticipation

The creatures of the night move away

Waiting for the morning sun

My restless heart is weary 


On the rocky hillock  

White flowers lie scattered

Sitting by the ruins

Of this ancient temple

Within me

Peace blossoms!