Saturday, 31 December 2016


Man has lost his mind

 In the war of domestication!

 It seems!

The pigs have risen

Glory be to them! 

Glowing adulation for the porcine

Lights up the eyes of every mindless mobster

As he has flushes away all residual ideas

In exchange for pizza and porn

What will become of uber-man!

A willing slave to his own passions

Guided by intelligent porcine malevolence

As the pithed army of men obliviously march on

They trample upon on their own hapless hearts and souls!

In this game of animal farm!

The pigs have risen again

Glory be to them! 


An unscathed voyager

Across seven seas!

I once was!

Hardened by the elements

Un-toppled by any gust or gale

Surviving the fiercest of the blizzards

Yet! Alas! 

All it takes is a little change of tone! 

In the whisper of your voice

To sink this un-sinkable ship of my heart!

Tell me! Oh my beloved!

Is it your strength!  Or is it my weakness!


In this sea of ignorance

Knowledge is merely an illusion

That which clings

Can be no understanding

Let go!

Let the nameless wisdom flow!