Wednesday, 31 May 2017


Slender necked and perfect ears

Agile and sinewy

My white horse gently trots

Through paths paved with cobble stone

With fresh green grass that peeps in between

Though delicate hues that curves as branches

Flowers of lavender and purple

Leaves on the lighter shade of green

As the greenness of these trees part

And the sky turns brighter blue

A castle clears from the shying clouds

Perfect in symmetry

Turquoise and white

Glowing as only marble can

Tall and formidable!  

Suddenly;   as panes of ebony and teak, creak!  

And the fragrance of cinnamon fills the cold morning air

A window swings open

A face appears!

And the secrets of eternal beauty are revealed to this mortal world!

A face illuminated by the brilliance of the light of Allah!

Elegant and doe eyed!

Full of clear blue life and bedazzling beauty!

With curly twirls darker than darkness

A form so pure

No brush can capture

Features so blemish-less

That no mortal colour can take its burden

A gaze so tender and penetrating!

Lowered now, so as not to kill the hapless beholder

As the veil of shyness falls over her face

And she gently blushes

Colours of pink and crimson shy away

As their union forms the hue of her lips

Rose and cream tussle over the contour of her cheeks

As her face glows with immaculate beauty

Shadows have no place to hide here!

Within the placid blue pools of her eyes

Lies a mind so vast and boundless as the ocean

And from somewhere within its depth

A resplendent smile blossoms!

As my horse stops and my  heart leaps and churns!

Tell me oh Lord!

Is this the blissful colour of Love!


Fallen leaves gather in the wind

But have no tales of sorrow to share

The flowers of summer blossom not in vain

The dried up grass feels no withering pain

As time passes and my hairs gray

I too have nothing to say! 


Always beside me

And full of certainty

The shadow of death lurks!

Yet! Blinded and foolish!

I think I can wait for tomorrow! 


The evening is hot and humid

The gray sky is cloudy

A heart filled with guilt

Restlessness prevails!   


At a treeless sunset

The crows return

To concrete nests! 


Though a crack on the highway

Moistened by yesterday’s rain

The grass of hope sprouts!

Sunday, 30 April 2017


The son of man has finally risen

But alas! Me, the son of an egg

Must die!

And for me!

There is no coming back! 

 Every year

We give up our lives

The day the son of man comes back to it! 

Why is it that when he comes to life

I have to lose mine!

He is the messiah of the whole world!

Yet why is it that I get to be martyred

I know he was crucified and all!

But tell me frankly

What did I do?

To get marinated and roasted! 

And hey, he is supposed to my Saviour too!

And I too wish to celebrate Easter!

Oh! Son of men and women

As you celebrate in happiness this blessed Easter!

Spare me, my flesh and bones!


No knowing my heart is broken

The sun shines brightly! 

Troubled by this dissonance

I wonder which one should change?  


In mindful contemplation

Focused on emptiness

I sit selflessly

Not judging

Not elaborating

But Alas!

The ego that I hate

Suddenly Creeps in!

Paradise collapses

Hell breaks loose! 


No, one, can see!

Not, many either!  

All that is

And all that can be!

Neither this

Nor the other

There lies the truth!

Where there is silence!


Oh! Lord benevolent and merciful!

Praise and glory be to you!

As a lost soul in the darkness of the night

With no path is in sight

You were my only beacon

When sorrow was drowning me

You were my only hope

In this journey of life  

You have blessed me abundantly

You have brought me thus far!  

Oh saviour of the world! Oh compassionate one!

As I walk through these unchartered worlds  

I pray! Give me the wisdom to do your will 


The warring sun fills the sky

And its crimson wrath drives the blue away

As green withers to brown

And lakes and streams vanish

The barren hills glow

The parched plains pant

Unfettered by this solar malady

Fed by some mysterious spring

Fresh, green and full of blossoms

The graceful  Pungai tree!


Ever so careful

Not to cause the slightest pain 

Soft on the ends

And flexible in the middle

I’m your best friend!

Especially when the itch is out of reach

Yet! Alas!

All I get is used, smeared and thrown

Oh! How miserable!

My life as an ear bud! 

Friday, 31 March 2017


Along the dingy crowded corridors

Filled with  fear, agony and frustration! 

A thousand pairs of eyes

Look around in desperation! 

A young man limps!

A mother weeps!

An old man in bed

Cringes and curls up in morbid pain! 

Shrouded in white


Once a body full of life

Gets wheeled away!

As i walk this path everyday

Sipping my morning coffee

Oh! Lord! Benevolent and merciful

Bless me with loving eyes of compassion! 


Time is running out

Life is ebbing away

A lifetime lost in hurry

In this race towards death

The heretic says!  

Why waste words! 


Through the open window of the senses

The thief of desire sneaks in!

What he sees!

Is what he takes !

But if you do let him stay

Even for a careless night

Claiming the distracted throne

He crowns himself Emperor!

Alas; the malady begins!  


It’s not the sweetness of your voice

It’s not the gentleness of your smile

Nor is it the silence of your soul

It none of these! I know!

Yet! Tell me dear Beloved

Why is it still that i miss You? 


Golden and clear

Smoky on the palate

And smooth on the spirit

Oh! How splendid indeed

This sip of oolong tea!