Saturday, 28 January 2017


Oh! Man of valour!

Of youth and pride!

Great is your spirit

In taming this mighty beast!

A marvelous creature indeed

Sinewy and chiseled

Formidable and regnant

Glowing with charm and beauty

 With horns that shine

With sharpness and glory

Oh!  How mighty you must be! 

To tame this colossal beast! 

As he charges at you now with rage

And as you strive to pin him down by his horns

Oh such great pride you have earned!

The heretic says!

Oh Man of valour!  Fight with all your might!

But the only bull that needs to be tamed

Is the bull that’s hidden inside! 


Come! All you fellow creatures! 

Come, come, come!

Come be enlightened!

Come to this light of love

Don’t waste your life wandering in darkness

The darkness of greed hatred and lust  

Open your heart to this calling of  love

Come; be filled with this light of love

A light that is brighter than a billion suns

A light that penetrates everything

A light that leaves no hear untouched

A light that leaves no shadows behind

In this magnificent light

No sorrow can hide

No boundary can exist

No self or the other; no us or them

Only true eternal love

Come to this light

Come be enlightened

Be enlightened in the light of love! 


A sunset hidden by the clouds

Gentle drizzle 

Moist earth

Fragrant air

A mind without measure! 


Meaningless! Meaningless!

Everything is meaningless

All that you strive for is meaningless

All that you care for is meaningless

Everything is meaningless!

Oh! Foolish mind!

Naked and empty handed you entered this world

And that is how, you will soon leave it!  

Yet, why is it that  

You struggle, strive and hoard!

Pleasures of the senses

A respite it may seem

But they too are meaningless

Eyes can see, and ears can hear

But appetite can never to satisfied

In the trap of pleasure, only the flames of cravings grow  

Hence this too is meaningless!

Billions were here before you

And lived lives of glory

Yet you remember no one!

Like them; you too will soon be forgotten!

All of your love, hatred and glory  

All of your passions

And all of your achievements

All of them will be gone with you!

Hence they too are meaningless

Living now, you fear death

But the dead fear nothing

Sunrises and sunsets keep following

Seasons change

Generations come and go

The river of time flows on!

With or without you!

So let not the ego fool you

Before the pitcher is broken

Before dust returns to dust

Of foolish mind! Please do realize

Meaningless! Meaningless!

Everything is meaningless!


January night

Clear and cloudless

A waxing moon

Scattered stars

Deep within

A silent reflection! 


Cold wind

Barren branches

Mottled and yellow

Spiraling down  

The last autumn leaf!


Blissfully unaware

Of the charge flowing through

Just sitting!

Not worried about meeting ends!

The bird on a wire! 


Lover of dogs

Killer of ticks

Hating one

Just to love the other

Oh!  How cruel!

This absurdity called life! 


Gently swaying with the breeze

Reaching tall!

Reaching high!

Oh! Stately Ashoka tree!

How marvelous you are!   

Rooted in strong mindfulness

Growing in steadfast diligence

Blessed with the sunshine of love and compassion

Unfettered by the weeds of greed hatred and delusion

Oh! How I wish I too, could grow like you!