Tuesday, 28 February 2017


Surrounded by  creaky chairs of teak and ebony

Windows that  bring warm sunlight

Cream filled curtains  bunched up by the side

The  walled grand father  clock ticking faithfully

Dusty and faded!

Spread across the smooth marbled  floor

Stretching across generations

I am the turquoise  Persian rug !

From the  busy souk in the balkan konya

To a colorful  yet  lifeless mall of Europe

And now to this love filled home across the globe

Oh What a  wonderful journey it has been!

Over me !

Little girls once played

Their mothers too

And their grand daughters as well !

Toys, walking sticks and coffins

I have seen them all !

People and Foot steps

Keep coming  and going

No stains are left behind

Yet  the Love and warmth this home provides

Will forever be the same !


Picture on the wall

A mere memory!

The mirror

A mere reflection!

A thought within

 A story untold !

Slipping between these  fleeting images

The illusion of reality ! 


Not hidden by the drizzling clouds

The evening  sun is still bright

The  moist air is fragrant and heavy

The trees are greener

Droplets of rain drip from the leaves

Perched on a branch

Fluttering away the rain drops and heat

The gentle sparrow ! 


Green mountains

White clouds

The clear blue  sky

Fearless and flying high

The diligent eagle !