Sunday, 30 April 2017


The son of man has finally risen

But alas! Me, the son of an egg

Must die!

And for me!

There is no coming back! 

 Every year

We give up our lives

The day the son of man comes back to it! 

Why is it that when he comes to life

I have to lose mine!

He is the messiah of the whole world!

Yet why is it that I get to be martyred

I know he was crucified and all!

But tell me frankly

What did I do?

To get marinated and roasted! 

And hey, he is supposed to my Saviour too!

And I too wish to celebrate Easter!

Oh! Son of men and women

As you celebrate in happiness this blessed Easter!

Spare me, my flesh and bones!


No knowing my heart is broken

The sun shines brightly! 

Troubled by this dissonance

I wonder which one should change?  


In mindful contemplation

Focused on emptiness

I sit selflessly

Not judging

Not elaborating

But Alas!

The ego that I hate

Suddenly Creeps in!

Paradise collapses

Hell breaks loose! 


No, one, can see!

Not, many either!  

All that is

And all that can be!

Neither this

Nor the other

There lies the truth!

Where there is silence!


Oh! Lord benevolent and merciful!

Praise and glory be to you!

As a lost soul in the darkness of the night

With no path is in sight

You were my only beacon

When sorrow was drowning me

You were my only hope

In this journey of life  

You have blessed me abundantly

You have brought me thus far!  

Oh saviour of the world! Oh compassionate one!

As I walk through these unchartered worlds  

I pray! Give me the wisdom to do your will 


The warring sun fills the sky

And its crimson wrath drives the blue away

As green withers to brown

And lakes and streams vanish

The barren hills glow

The parched plains pant

Unfettered by this solar malady

Fed by some mysterious spring

Fresh, green and full of blossoms

The graceful  Pungai tree!


Ever so careful

Not to cause the slightest pain 

Soft on the ends

And flexible in the middle

I’m your best friend!

Especially when the itch is out of reach

Yet! Alas!

All I get is used, smeared and thrown

Oh! How miserable!

My life as an ear bud!